Thursday, July 21, 2011

OKK, tomorrow!!!!!!

I haven't really... you know. Packed. Because I'm so unsure about carrying my things in a suitcase.... When they try to teach us to survive. Anyway I got all of my things and they are....

o) Long sleeve t-shirt (but I brought one long sleeve shirt, one long sleeve tees and one short sleeve tees, just incase...)
o) Socks, but high in length.
o) Sweater. I brought one sweats and one hoodies.
o) Pants. I brought two, another just incase....
o) Mukena and Sajadah.
o) Toiletries.
o) Sleeping bag.
o) Scouting stick.
o) Personal meds..... Which means a turbo-healer and minyak telon for me.
o) Torchlight and candles (with matches)
o) A hugful of firewoods.
o) Salt.
o) Water.
o) City. Just kidding. Thongs.... for FEET.
o) An emergency lamp.
o) 10 meters of rope.
At OKK they will introduce us of how things work in OSIS/Student Body Gov, Paskibra/The flag bearer, Pramuka/The boy&girl scouts, and PMR/The junior red scouts. To be blunt, I was in MPK at year7 and PMR since year8. I can't say I did so well because I sometimes ditch the meetings for English Club, my forevermore love organization *and it's not running the way it used to be, right now. Sigh* but I'd say I do fine. A few friends suggested me to join in on OSIS and take on Sekbid 10, the English department. I am very confident with the way I speak english, but I still need to configure things out before I made the decision. If I will be an OSIS member, I have more responsibility on me and I can't ditch them out like what I did in Junior High.

Oh. I hate when some random person said something and it's quoted, tattooed on our minds.

"Growing older means growing more responsibility"

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