Saturday, July 2, 2011

Official Farewell Party

I'm so happy I could join in!!!!!! We had so much fun and seriously, I pity those who cannot join in. We manage to pull some pranks to Alsa, Vega, Noni and Nancy hahahaha. At day two we went to the river again and I wet my pants... WITH WATER THERE. People said a picture worth a thousand words, I'll post some pictures and captions (So it'll be some thousand words and some few words to sum up your examination)

Uno cards: day one.

Walking through rice fields. Fika fell down 4 times.
Played at the local river. But we got rained out. Camera's not waterproof so I can't capt something.
BBQ-ing corns and chicken. I don't capt the chicken bbq-ing session coz I was crying-_-
Pit fire session but it was cheesy.
Last photo. I was cutted by the one who took it-_- I'm in the very left.
It was so much fun, I'd do it all over again..... Minus the tears, plus extra shorts coz I hate wearing pants for sleeping.

And below is my favorite picture through the days,

because I look so happy, when I just finished crying. Plus I'm with Rais, who's been very nice and SARCASTIC at the same time during year nine. Oh, you'll realized it's not that many of me in the pictures because a) I hate being photographed by another person other than a photographer or my mum or my bffs b) I'm the man *or woman behind the camera and c) I was cutted in the last photo session.

Pictures are taken with Canon EOS 1000D with standard 18-55 mm lens. And yes, I'm kinda keen on photography:)

P.S. (I always have a P.S., you know) I'm so bummed Meivy is not there accompanying by my side.

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