Tuesday, May 13, 2014

... Back? For a bit.

Errr. It's been a while.

I'm not so sure I'm even capable of writing posts anymore. Let's try.
Updates on my life... I've had my 18th birthday! It was wonderful. I wanted to try something a little different so I didn't do the usual dinner party hosting. I took two of my best friends out for a run (yes. A run. On my birthday) and even though I ended up walking and bitchtalk everyone with 1/3 of the crowd, it was so fun. We took the bus, eventually. The distance was so far and I'm a pussy. Afterwards, we went on Brunch and watch a chick flick on the theatre. My first wisher was Jeje (yay for six years friendship) and the second was very special. I am avoiding personal pronouns here but let's just say I didn't regret staying up that late when I have to be up that early.
One of the highlights of May was going to see Spider-Man. I didn't watch the ones with Tobey Maguire but last weekend I watched the second one. Somebody said it was the worst version of it, I thought it was okay, but I do loved the Andrew Garfield's version more, because #EMDREW #STONEFIELD. It's a relationship goal, you know. To not work when you work. I kinda feel like the story was a bit pushy though. I prefer the first one, but, it was not the movie that makes the event significant.
Oh, this month is graduation month. With the national exam being one of the hardest thing I've ever did in my history of learning, I really hope everyone did great and pass and just continue with college life. It's really hard, though, with all the cheats and the answer keys because it really put me on the spot. I hardcried twice because I was so afraid.
so much
College starts September 22nd. It's still a really long way to go, is it?
Boyfriend! :D