Friday, July 15, 2011

Check, check, check.

I got my Nylon Mag, my Poconggg juga Pocong book, new hairbands and tasted Black Sesame Green Tea Frappucinno. I think BS Green Tea frap tasted funny, and it's not inda my bevs.... Because I like my coffee and I like it heavy..... Hehehehehehe. Anyway school is starting and I think I'm not yet in the blogging-passe mood. Especially Bapak has been so driven to bought me the MBA, because he's strongly believe the thing will help me grow. Yaaayyyy!!!!! I'd be spending my time at Starbucks doing projects and home works because Mother thinks the house is not appropriate for my study session as well as Starbucks and that she's thinking that the house might need a tad of renovation!! Yay, twice. Anyway........ I think this is cutie. It's not for everyone though, I'm super single and neutral

And I'm finishing all of my holiday plans. My holiday plans??? I'll told you about it later:)

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