Monday, July 11, 2011

I believe in dreams,

That's maybe the reason I never dream... you know, black and empty and sad. I rarely dreaming about something nice, moreover I hardly get nightmares. But when I got one.... It's coming true somehow. Like Blair Waldorf, but she had the nightmare after something happened. I, however, before something happens.

My nightmares are always black-and-white. I always have my hair down and wearing the vintage white court heels. They often about boys, because seriously... It took over 30% of my brain. And the place is always...... Pure white. The sky and the ground has no boundary and there's no trees, no rocks, no road. The things that always there is a) A guitar. b) a park bench. c) a stool. Just that, and the people on the dream itself. I always sit down from the stool, observing things going on in the park bench. That one time was about my jealousy so I sat on the stool and I saw my ex-boyfriend teaching a friend of mine playing a guitar. Another was I, played a guitar alone and a boy took me by the hand, leaving the boy I sat into. I know it's consider superstitious to believe in these but it felt so real and I did experienced it in the real life.

But my non-nightmares.... Are sometimes delusional. It's purely imaginative and I always wear polka red dress like Minnie Mouse. Maybe the nightmares are my under-self spirit who's worrying and sometimes worries come to live.

I'm going out this noon. I want to legalized my SKHUN and took my Ijazah and legalized it, also for Bina Insani. Pra-Taaruf is on the edge and I'm nervous as hell. I think I kinda suit their green skirt, don't you think? Planned to taste the bevs, I'm a fan of Starbucks if you were wondering..... Not a big fan of sesame but......... Let's see how it goes.

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