Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day One: Malang

I went to Eco Green Park and eat some lovely things. Checked in to Harris hotel later.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Photos of Today

1. Lol this is yesterday.
2 & 3. Ikan cupang. I have no idea what's the english of Ikan Cupang. But they're awesome.
4. My Oma's collection of refrigerator magnets.
5. Memorabilia.
6. Me and my baby cousins. Yep, still consider every one of them as babies.
7. Zen.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Science Three and its' awesomeness.

The year is ending for us and it's time for holiday (YAAAY!!!) and getting ready and steady for year twelve (NAAWWW...). Science three has always been a good reason for me loving year eleven and let's just cut the writing crap to the next post.

(this is for Saraaaaaaahhhhhh)

Lol that's one terrible shot.

Finals (in case you missed it. Yep that means you, Biw.)

- Novi, Mamah Ais, and Sarah. + Dila and Frizasqy, though:))

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Sometimes, a secret is just too hard to keep. Having your best, best friends near and hiding something is never a good combination. But, don't you just sometimes... Like the feeling it gives you? That the only person on earth who knows is only you and you only. Sharing becomes somehow overrated, but a part of you want to scream it out loud and a part of you is comfortable in your own way.

I grow up as a very... Vocal person. That's what I get from people who knows me anyway. I don't like being pretentious, moreover lie to my own head. I'm straight to the point and I often came off as a stuck up or a know-it-all. "You need to lose weight." "I think it's stupid." "Take it off! You're embarrassing yourself and I'm actually doing you a favour." "What are you, an idiot?" Mean comments, rude remarks, gut-punching words. I only have several friends in junior high for a reason. In senior high, it's a bit different though. There are even more straight-to-the-point people who just don't really care about other people. At that point, it backfires and some commented me. I saw my comments as a help in a serious way when these people from high school saw it as a joke and it hurts. Man. I've been hurting people all along in a serious way. I decided to keep my mouth shut and stop talking, and somehow it leads to no sharing.

I just want to be quiet. In many reasons, the only comfortable sharing I did for the past semester is here. Quiet. Anonymous. Voiceless. Silent, but still there.

P.S. Cool tunes to ruin the post.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

WE'RE FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT.

Yep. And after we thought finals ended on Friday... We're wrong. I guess it's just one of Bosowa's policy to make 0 activity on school at Saturday so we can have a day off (And I was just thinking, what is a Saturday day off? I've never experienced a Saturday off without school thingies in forever because of filming this and filming that, practice this and practice that) so we still have two exams on Monday. YES, MONDAY. I just don't get it. Pft. Ruining our days. Making the exam seems longer. Whatever. I'm over it.

About the exam, I aced the one I shouldn't. No, not shouldn't I supposed. Thought will not? Remember my days of constant yammering about me hating chemistry and how me and chemistry will not make it as a happy couple leaving the high school doors? Wrong. I actually like chemistry now and I feel like the exam was divine. I found all of the answers by counting. And TIK. You must know that my TIK teacher is extreme and hard and everything in between yet the exam was pretty doable. I still make mistakes because, duh, I'm Brina but I'm pretty confident.

But........ Always a rain to ruin my parade. Math and Physics and Bio was HARD. Like, hard-hard. I hate it. I hate it that I didn't maximize and I ruined it. I don't know. I guess I might just have to wait on the result and make up, but I know I failed one. Al Quran. Yep. Yours truly can't focus and get on her feet on reciting Surah Yasin and failed the class. Awful. Just awful.

I started a #30dayschallenge on instagram. It's day 5 and no, I haven't post the weather. I'm kinda wishing it would rain today:)