Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I gain more and more.........

Boredom. They said holidays make you fatter. I do agree but I seems to manage to stay on my weight by  eating much more fruits+veggies in order to poop daily and stay healthy!!! I haven't managed to taste the black sesame green tea frappucinno. Arrrgghhh, anyway I'd share you my list of resolution this year. I know  it's late and people made resolution to break em off, but I'm not sure what I'll do with this one. It's already mid year and I kinda done them so I'll cross off some stuff, so.. yeah. Here you go,

S's Little 2011 Resolution

#1. Graduated
#2. Graduated with 35+ GPA
#3. Manage to get in to great school
#4. Manage to have the iMac 
(Hell no, I didn't get my iMac yet. But bapak was talking about mobility and decide to change the resolution to #5)
#5. Manage to have the Macbook Air
#6. Stay in a healthy relationship. As you know, it's off people
#7. Study more languages this year.
#8. Drink less caffeine
#9. Save up for another Doc Martens 
(I was planning to buy it next year when I can finally ask Mother to SG but Indonesia finally has the open collection in TheGoodsDept, Plaza Indonesia. YAYNESS)
#10. Watch less TV.
#11. Manage to have a Sony Nex 3k Camera
#12. If #11 failed, Manage to have Legria.
#13. Pray continuously to God.
#14. Have a new bestfriend.
#15. Start off new something. I tried Ballet for almost a year now, but I want contemporary so bad in UDC.

I think that's it. With much planning and control, I believe this can be resulted by the end of this year. And with everything going on with my life I believe this list could grow longer. And longer. And longer.
Oh!!!! 2012 is the year for a baby brother!!! I cannot help it to have a mini man running around hugging me after school and sleeping next to me at my bed. I just hope Mother's ready because she has been the busiest Mother in the whole universe.

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