Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'm good! For now.

New celebrity crush: Jonathan Groff. 
Darren Criss for the past, Jonathan Groff for the future.
If you catch my drift.


Hello at Starbucks now with loveliest twins on earth working on a cool project between us. Anyway, I'm still pissed because I kept spending my money (hell yeah) for unnecessary things when I have to collect, like, only 200k for the new modem. I know. I should start saving up because I'm on a diet right now. No, not the slimming-I-want-to-get-skinny diet but more like a food combining journey? This new lifestyle is picked up by Mom because it's actually really beneficial and important... SO I'm going to bring a lunchbox... Almost everyday. Sigh:\

The upload got messy, I don't know why. So... Back to project.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Poof, and I'm gone

Currently at Semarang now suffering from midnight awakenings because I took naps (yes, naps) in the car during the visits to several places in Ungaran, Semarang.

Holy crap, the hotel is cold.

Right now I'm blogging from mom's laptop and hotel's local connection because... I lost my modem. Embrace the clumsiness of the majesty, ladies and gentlemen. I planned on buying another with my THR money (Dad has transferred some to my personal account) but I got titles of books, in pace to steal my goddamn precious money from me. I got four books for the holiday and I have finished one and a half, yay! I went to a cool, temple site called Gedong Songo and it (supposed) to have nine mini temples around the acres and acres of land. Me&Mom got horses and we hiked on the horses. No, I won't be taking up horse riding classes because dude, it's so hard staying on top, moreover staying still while we're walking on this steep, steep hills and rocky land. I took pictures, not so much because I was tired and hot and feeling a bit queasy from the car ride (I was reading) and I was hungry. We visited Palagan Ambarawa to see some trains and I lighten up and took some amount of pictures. I like trains and old stuff. We had lunch and went to Paragon Mall. I got a henna on my hand and a screwed writing (clumsiness, again) of "In Omnibus Veritas". I'm getting myself used to the fact that a) I'm going away b) I'm separating from people I heavily love c) I'm going to rock. No the c part is completely nonexistent because I lack self confidence. 

Btw I missed having my friends around. Man, am I getting attached or what. Should be going out with them, I have to make plans. I missed six days of fasting, and I have four left from last year. BAD GIRL I know. I have to pay fidyah too, oh god please forgive me. Queasy again. 

Zizi just asked me to blog about him. Here it goes.

Zizi [Zee-zee] -n
1. A perfectly freaky, kooky creature. So annoying, an unstoppable mocker. Sarcastic at his fullest, I'd say he's good looking when I'm tipsy. Only a greeting away; 24/7.
2. French slang: p*nis.

Lol. He's a best friend of mine. I hope I have a picture of him. Wait. I would have been insane and incredibly stalk-y if I have a picture of him. Creepy. I think I got a picture with him. 

(Classmeeting '12. Our hair was perfect. Was:'>)

THINGS PEOPLE REALLY NEED TO GET: I'm in no way romantic with him and our only mutual feeling is that we're freaks. And I trust him. Just because we sit next to each other and borrowed several stuff to each other doesn't mean a thing. I'm so tired of getting kinks and dinks about me and him because we're friends, and it stops right there.

For his fans: I got insider things. His head? You can't really figure it out. You'd get the hang of it, but you won't figure it out. He's literally a freak but he won't act insane around you. He wants to go to Russia, he's going to take something petroleum. He likes the colour red and girls with Scottish accent. Call him 'Zillex'. Err... I ran out of things to talk about him. Most of our conversations are useless but beneficial at the same time. Creepy.

Done with Zizi. I like this 'Touch Lamp' thingy on the desk of my room. So you touch the metal base of the lamp to set the dim and turn the power on/off. I want one for my room. I want to paint my ceilings with clouds but mom said it was too overwhelming for me, so I trade the sky for a world map background. I still have the coolest library and the floor to myself (at least for a few years).

Early day tomorrow. Ciao.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Days of Our Lives

Ich vermisse Sie, drei Jahre.
willkommen Mannheim, für die Zukunft.

Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!

I just finished doing the Ramadan thingy at school and I enjoyed every second of it. News is my super duper awesome class; XI-IPA3 didn't win the Nasheed competition. In many reasons, I believe that the winners (XII-IPA1, XII-IPA3, XII-IPS) deserve to win because they rock! Remember #17, we got a year to go and all the trophies to take home, yay!

Because there's nothing to narrate (except the fact that I woke up at 2.30 for sahur and tried to hide my sleepy zombie eyes by putting eyeliners, my eyes are too gay), I'm just going to post several pictures of the Pesantren Ramadhan that lasted for two days, (8/10-8/11)

Practised in Gedung Runtuh

Ken at Kece-est. This is for his fans;):))

P.S. I didn't have XII-IPS&XII-IPA1 performance photos because the camera was used;(

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

FICTION: Baby Blue Eyes.

There's always something intriguing about one person's eyes. I always feel like the blue pierced mine so badly, it somehow had a killing act during the moment. While the darker group sense more seriousness in the air, I think grey does it better. The thoughts of eye colours popped in to mine until I decided to walk to the light's direction and everything continues to fall apart. At ease, a lad, slender and well-built, with features framed with a simple manifesto of attractiveness reach out a hand for me. "Are you ready?"

I still have the same bitterness on my tongue and the delicate sweetness all over my mouth from the tea I sipped earlier. The hand that grabbed my hand is soft with calluses, it's like being in the middle of something new and challenging. My feet felt a simple ease in each step so I didn't bother to ask where he's taking me. After the whole eye-color saga, my head is filled with questions like Are you really ready? or Who's the young man leading the way? or What if nothing goes right and you'll broke in to pieces again? I kept asking the same stuff over and over again until the ground feels a bit jelly and funny. I looked down and the ground is red, like a strawberry jell-o, but even better. It's bouncy but it's set. My Repettos float anxiously and the guy told me to sit down on the classic white iron park bench. "Here comes the movie, I hope you enjoy you as the starring actress." He looked at me right through my eyes, and from that second I knew. My eye colour saga... Is a brain worthy article. His eyes are blue, and it pierced through my soul.

The sky was the silver screen and the popcorn he brought me tasted like candy floss. I watched my moments playing, my first step, my first word and my first book I ever read; It was something with bunnies and the words was less than fifty. My first dance recital, I wore a cotton plaid skirt and yellow tank, waving ribbons in the air. And then my traditional dance class, I did one hard move successfully and I was laughing. I was so happy, compared to now. The popcorn can was empty and he stroke a smile, refilling the can and giving it back to me. This time, it tasted like bitter coffee.

I saw my dad throwing things to me, english teacups and his bloodshot eyes leered my mom, standing with zero chance of saving me. He screamed, he was loud. I wasn't crying at all and I sat on the corner. He grabbed one of the plastic laundry thongs and clipped three to my left ear. "Go finish your homework, or the other ear will have another three!" I still remembered his face that night. It burned in the back of my head. I did my math homework alone, it was easy but it was a lot. Thirty numbers of three digit addition and subtraction; I was six. It has come to my mind that my mom dropped a tear as she closed the door to my room. 

During my first attempt on writing a superficial fiction and my first philosophy book, I opened my mouth and asked the guy sitting next to me "Who did this to me?" My eyes gazed and I scooped more popcorn (Tangerine flavoured) and fill some to my mouth. "God sent me to you. He wanted to let you know how much you've improved in your life. See that? Your first Melville. You finished the entire bibliography by now." He point to the book I was holding in my hand. It was the first day of junior high. "Sometimes, all it takes is a simple reminder. Humans are always busy fixing things; living up to their expectation and making more out of everything. They're always either high to the clouds or dead down underground. My job here is to keep you save to hover the land. Not too proud, but not so cynical." He explained and I just feel a little dead inside. The movie is a reminder. It's my life on a track. My life and everything revolving to it. Later I found out that an ex boyfriend was cheating behind my back and someone was using me to abuse another's life. That the most nice girl in class was the most bitchiest person I ever known, and the quiet in the back of the class holds most secrets. The tallest guy next door was on drugs, the young lady I sat next to during the bus trip is sick with cancer. 

The movie ended with a single flashy lights and my canned popcorn ran out. The last flavour I tasted was insipid. It was nothing, a can full of nothing. The guy grabbed my hand again and took me back. He gave me a white paper with fifty numbers on it, next to the numbers are things I might be missing out in life. Number twenty one is the fact that my dad is my poison and my antidote. Number ten is Strapless dresses are reckless. Number fifteen showed me that I only drink approximately five glass of water a day. "Hold on to it, you'll need it. And off the records; there is supposed to be number fifty one: Eyes never lie. See you soon." His piercing blue eyes see through me again, and the next thing I know, I'm in a local coffee shoppe with a half empty mug filled with black coffee. I reached to my left sweater pocket and I have a list of fifty number of things I might be missing out in life. Before I got my head straight and try to figure out what's happening, a tall blonde guy walked in the cafe and place an order. When our eyes met, we locked eyes and I can't believe what's happening. It's the same piercing blue eyes. I lowered my hand and try to distract my head, until I found out that the back of my receipt, scribbled a three words-twelve letters sentence I've memorised earlier. Eyes never lie.