Thursday, June 30, 2011

11 o clock

Reading both of them right now. I've been enjoying L.A. Candy novels for a couple of weeks now and I'm almost finished :D I start reading Nicholas Sparks. I enjoyed his first major motion picture, The Notebook so much. I'm so impressed, I'm mad at myself for not reading the book first so starting with Dear John, I'm gonna read the book first and watch the movie afterwards. I'm going to take Dear John for the Off. Farewell Party of 9D and hope I'll finish soon. I'm dying to see Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried on one piece.

Come to think of it, my pal Hilman kinda looks like Channing Tatum if he grew his hair for abit.
Nah. Random stuff.
p.s. Thank you for returning my texts, I'm very very happy

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


; The fear of losing the people you love.

The fear itself is not that scary, but the pain kills.

I never heard silence quite this loud, -The Story of Us/Taylor Swift

The Plan

#1. The day after tomorrow will be the official goodbye party for Alejandro. I'm very much happy and I should bring: A drinking glass, my own fork, my vitamins, my leftover bag of marshmallow, extra underpants, and... and... I don't know. I supposed the world'll collide if we're on a villa together, messing around, playing music, singing, laughing, playing games, and heavy amount of water in the pool. I just wish I'll have TONS of fun and TONS of pictures too.
#2. Bina Insani. I'm half alive right know. Parents can be soooo pushy about things and mine have been UNPUSHY at all but here comes the moment of truth. If you're my timeline watcher (the thing that brought you here), you'll see the amount of wishes (now disappointment) of me getting in to Madania. I fall for their pretty skirt, and things start to flow after it. The teacher, the classroom, the language of choice, the pool, the dance club, baseball extra curricular, the Cambridge paper. But...... They obviously ran out of chairs in IPA class. I'd brought my own chair if I could. The only class I can take is IPS and Bahasa. I have equal passion and determination on both (Kid obsession: being a super cool journalist or really pretty psychologist) but...... Parents got in the way. They push me to go to IPA and the only seat I have is in Bina Insani. I haven't know the campus very well and I know nothing about their extra curriculars and clubs. I know they don't use English as the main language, sigh. But I plan to earn my PMDK/SNMPTN Undangan from this school, so I have to work extra extra hard.
#3. Macbook Air. My laptop now is useless because it is so heavy, it is so slow and it is super duper malesin. I know I'm being ungrateful but I want a new one, preferably Mac and light-weighted. I've been eying iMac, I know. But considering me being in a private school, I need the light-full mobility laptop. But I know Bunda and Bapak won't buy it for me, because "The uncompability and the very expensive upgrades". My heart breaks because this is the second thing I want being pushed away from me. Might as well pushed my life away.

#4. I don't know. I have no more plans. I used to be very planned and organized about my future and I have none now. I know I need to be a doctor in order to please the parents.

Green Skirt for the Next Three Years

This week have been very very hectic. I've been rejected in Public Schools, you named it. SMA Negeri 1 Bogor rejected me /twice/ and others just, less heartbreaking. But the good news is I'm accepted to SMA Madania and SMA Bina Insani. Both are #1 on their games. I prefer Madania so much more because I wanted to speak english as my daily language and my learning language but so sad they ran out of IPA classes which is the only path to Med. School. So.... I'm stuck with Bina Insani. In a good way.

For him who has been ignoring me for a few days now, I just wanna say,
I love you.