Saturday, July 23, 2011


OKK is done!!!!!!!! And next monday I'll be wearing Putih-Abu!!! Cheers for B!!! :p

Btw, I kinda decided what organization I want to enter when I'm in Bina Insani. OSIS.... And I'd be aiming for English Department. I kinda have some ideas popped up here and there so... Yeah. I'll be kinda disappointed if I couldn't make it. The second one is.... PASKIBRA!!! I'm so excited being a paskibra because I've been feeling a bit.... Tender?? Remembering the days from year7 and year8 reminded me that things were hard those days. Not "study-pressure" hard, but "I-got-responsibility-and-things-to-taken-care-of" hard. Being a year9 was tough, but not as tough as year7 and year8. I know being a paskibra-member is HARD, and I know with me being a paskibra-member, their stuff is different than our stuff, because of the Military Rules. But I'd be delightful to learn and experienced another world, and surely I need the toughness and the strictness they have. I'm so spoiled at this moment because last year at Junior High wasn't that.... Hard. I sucked at IPA but I still get great scores on my RC. I know I always completed my tasks and reports, but still. The max. score is 90 and the chance of me, scoring 80+ on Ujian Kelulusan is super thin. Math also. Who doesn't like getting an 8+ RC, but when they found out how they got the marks.... It's super disappointing. I'm stupid but I'm not that stupid to realize what's going on around me.

For ekskul, I kinda have to go with the photography. I have no obligation, I'm telling you. But I just need to be there because having the skills without paying 5.000.000+ per session with the famous Darwis is one of God's prayer to me, hahahahahaha. I want to join in Journalism as well, but I don't know if the subject interact people >10 and if I can handle it or not. I've been sick lately and I've been sticking myself to my turbuhaler.

I'm in a indefinition-relationship right now. Nuf said.

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