Saturday, January 26, 2013


I have to agree on some bloggers/instagrammers that instagram does make things easier and, you know... Blog-able. Is that even a word. 

Stop typing useless words. My class script is doneee! Gosh, I'm so excited because IPA1 and IPA2 is already filming, and there's us. I'm so jealous of them because they are so frikkin organised on everything and my class is a bit chaotic right now but we're working on it. We just practised our dialogs and everything falls into place somehow. We've managed to get into the adult characters, even my clients. Clientele. I feel like this is a bit magical somehow and I hope my class can film the best thing we could make!

P.S. Will be making a stop motion trailer of the Kesatria, Putri, dan Bintang Jatuh tale, straight from the book... And so excited I get to be the movie editor gal! Excited plus scared.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cause no one else can say it quite the same

Hi there I'm so upset seeing my stats lowering as my posts become undeniably unfrequent. Can I say that? Undeniably unfrequent? Anyway I'm quite busy preparing for XI IPA-3 movie script and we're filming one of Dee's novels, yep. And you may also know that I got the slut part. Yep. Her name is Diva by the way so quick remarks and start renaming 'slut' to 'Diva' now. I also know that my voice is not suitable for the character Diva because it's lacking... Character. I know my face will do it because Diva supposed to be this cold-hearted, bitch-face-syndrome girl and my closet is full of clothes that Diva would likely wear but my VOICE. I feel the need of getting a vocal cord transplantation, can I do that? Plus I need to kinda clear my schedule from crazy things so I can film this movie easily. Still can't believe it's happening. In a really short amount of time and I had to do... 30+ scenes because apparently Diva is popular for saying so much and then shutting off so often. And her lines are magnificent I still can't believe I'm Diva. Should get into character more.

I'm still mellow and I can't blog via my phone when I really... Need to spill my heart out to words. Lately I've been failing and maybe it's because I'm pouring my words out for the script. Nah, it's just an excuse. Yesterday I skipped school (yay for skipping school) and stupidly rummage through my conversation captures and how I missed people so much. No. Not people. A person. There's nothing I could do because no matter how lame my apology is I still cannot think what am I apologising for (+what you did wrong too) and I know you'd ask about it. I still can't believe I even ask you such things when I know you're not expecting to. You're just too far away right now and I'm not giving out any effort to keep you closer. It's not like I don't care. It's... I don't know. It's like I want to sing you 'Forgot to Laugh' when actually it's 'More than a Memory'.

I think I'm a mess. The lasts-forever-messy mess.

Friday, January 11, 2013


(The tracklist)

Yay. I missed the launching due to useless hang outs at Starbucks so this year I promised myself I won't miss a launching except if there's an urgency like laziness or lack of sleep. Lol.

Anyway, I didn't went to the gym, for almost two to three weeks. Because of the Pare thingy and finals. I was so excited that I googled Body Jam 63 and seek for the tracklist. Guess what. It's amazing! I mostly knew the songs, thanks to song buddy Rayhan, and there's Greyhound. It's one of my favourites of all Swedish House Mafia songs and remixes. I was so excited last Tuesday I went early and stretched a little before class starts, hehehehe.

The steps weren't hard, except for the Greyhound part. It was a 'remix' of shuffling as you can see it here but somehow it's harder for me to follow. My favourite is still the one with Calling (Lose My Mind) but this is fun too. There's this one move where you move your hands as if you're murdering bunch of mosquitos and yes, I haven't nail that part. I know I haven't get used to the routines but I sure feel like an idiot in that class because I was the girl who nail each part of the choreography and sometimes do the challenges and take the higher level of power. 

There's this fun movement where you kinda tap your thighs and pretend like there's sand in your hands and you want to shake it off. There's some light kicking too, I feel like it's Body Combat lol. I should update this when I nail all the moves right detail them right. Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

♫ Hands to the sky, and throw your head back

We bounce to this track, and I don't care what anybody thinks about that.

If there's a riotous part in my life, Calvin Harris should be the soundtrack and my late teens should be the time. +This is just the start. 2013, rock me.


I had the most wonderful time in Pare and I missed every single bit of it every single day. It's amazing. I rode a bike succesfully, rode a dragon (the train type, of course), laughed so hard I cried, watched a horror movie, (masih) dunia lain in sequence, watched Chelsea win (v Everton. Missed v QPR), ate great things from my childhood, being infatuated, missing someone, missing everyone, spent a great deal of time in the beach until I burnt my skin, trying something new, doing absurd things, the bus ride, best-friending the 'it' insect tomcat, and loads of other things. I'm just so happy I get to share this experience with everyone on board, especially Icha-Ega-Fani-Apis-Amel-Sasa-Maul for all those crazy times in our room!♥

Photo of the trip:

And a gift for home!