Saturday, January 31, 2015

January: Busy

So first of all; one of my goals of the year, other than get skinnier and prettier (ahem, the last drops of my puberty dose, please!), is to post at least once a month in [ parenthesis ]. The post will include my story about how my month has been, my monthly favourites, and my goals towards the next month. Let's just say that in 2014, this blog is not pretty at all. Minimum posts and broken links everywhere, mostly because I delete a lot of my Instagram pictures. Not guilty.

January has been a lot busier than I thought it will be.

Other than having three big, major course-related projects at school along with finals week, I have AIESEC, I have my social life, I have Rayhan, I have laundry and dirty dishes, and I have myself to take care of. The cliche story of Brina's having-too-much-on-her-plate.

I started January on a vacation like a normal high schooler. My University gave two weeks break at Christmas and New Years, so that was nice, but is sure does slow your brain down. I have a hard time being in focus again in class and ended up getting nothing in my brain. I remember doing a lot of reviews and re-writing a lot of my notes because I felt like nothing makes sense. I will be adapting a new, note-taking strategy along with recording most of the lectures so hopefully, something like this won't happen again.

As for AIESEC, I am the organizing committee of Local Conference 2015 (YAY). Sadly, one of us doesn't do his job so others ended up doing a lot of his work. It got so busy that I don't even have time to wash my hair, so all I did was complaining to Rayhan about everything. I haven't met him in proper ways since December, by the way. It's kinda crazy since we go to the same university, yet we never have time to meet each other. Our schedules have been clashing since day one and he is even busier than me. I met my other friends from other university more often than him *insert grin.

Favourites!!! Nothing beauty because January has been... Me doing nothing to my face. All I did was draw my eyebrows on (with this eyebrow pencil in dark brown or this eyebrow gel in medium/dark) and wear lip balm. Although I started a new ritual by putting vaseline on my lashes and brows. My favorite song of the month will have to go for Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do. I listen to it during my workout sesh, my study sesh, in-the-bus-getting-home sesh, everywhere. Obsessed. My favourite outfit to wear to campus is a shirt and a skirt with sneakers like this look since I did a lot of presentations and it's nicer when you present yourself with a pair of skirt rather than jeans.

Goals in February will be sooo simple. My goal for February is to go out at least 4 dates with Rayhan. Two months are insane, guys... Insane! :))