Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm quite thankful with my laptop now. Seriously. I love my macbook pro to death and there's nothing in this world to compare the feeling I got when I pressed the power button on my mac... Yet. But when my first intention is to buy Macbook Air, and Bapak doesn't allow me to get it because their processor is still Core2Duo, and a few days later Mac announced that Macbook Air is available in Core i5...... My heart drops. If only I could wait a few days longer to the wait, I might have lighter baggage on my back and faster processor. My MBP is only Core i3 right now. But I know things happen for reasons.

I titled the post with a B. Seriously. No meaning.

Lied. It's actually have a meaning.

I never been in a no status relationship before. There are only three relationship status in this live that I know, and they are Single, In a Relationship, and Married. There's no such thing as widowed or complicated stuff in my world. But when we're in one, sometimes it is what it is. You all know I broke my relationship off early this month, and I have to say, I don't know if it's the thing that I really want. People got delusive and weird all the time, and I was in the "delusive-and-weird" mood that time. I'm desperately tired, I never want another drama in my life, I hate being seconded, people are influencing me, and I took my call.

And every now and then, I regret the call.

But every now and then, I'm happy I took my call.

Anyway, I'm still very young and I have no right to speak about love. But I know one that is probably true and.... People experienced it. You can't help it being so sad and depressed and sick and wanting people you've loved back in your life. After all, they have been there, cheering you and being there and listening to your crap. But in the end, people have to leave because their duty in your life has ended. And it's up to them, to resign their duty or to take another call to be on your side again.

Don't you hate it when other people take the decision and you're the one who's waiting for the answer???

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