Friday, July 8, 2011

Quick Trip

to Bandung. I went to Bandung for approx 19 hours. I arrived at 23:00-ish..... And leaving in the next day on 18:00. Oh, why it has to be 19? I didn't take much picture cos Mother has been regardless with my SLR. The only purpose to go to Bandung because I've been very curious with Trans Studio Bandung. And I'm telling you, with VIP Access I had to wait 20-50 minutes in every ride so I only took Negeri Raksasa, which is the mini version of Hysteria in Dufan, climb the Kong Climb and rode Skyride Zeppelin. YES. ONLY THREE. It's so crowded and I should've think twice going there. After the very rowdy visit, I ask Mother to buy me some perfume cos I've been lacking personal scent :p I cannot chose between J.Lo Glow (my daily scent since I was year 5) or Daisy Marc Jacobs. Since Mother love the scent of both, I get to buy both hahahahaha >:D I'm so sneaky with my parents, you should know. Not sneaky as in naughty, but sneaky sneaky. I took some webcam picture but I'm only willing to show you one


And for the person who's been texting me lately.............. Stop doing what you're attempting to do.

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