Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cause we know that boys equals trouble

It's just a silly, low quality and super funny cover on Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble by Me, Sabilla, and Amel.

We used WOTE's on background because Taylor's is too pitchy!

P.S. Our next cover is Dark Side.
P.P.S. Hopefully, in a better quality.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fakin' it.

So Hayley told me about her conversation with Erin, about me, being never heard speaking one word in Bahasa in front of them. I laughed. It's true, I rarely speak Bahasa in front of teachers in EF but I actually say a bunch of Bahasa word in EF. E&H even feel like I speak nothing but English. Wait till they heard me saying something in Javanese, lol. So fakin' it.

I didn't go to school today, because a) My uncle watched football so he can't take me to school. b) License-less. One of the new rules of my sucky school is you can't bring car/motorcycle if you're license-less, and let's just say I don't have enough balls to let it park someplace out of school. c) I want to clean up the house. d) I'm lazy. The last reason is probably the 90% part. Let's face it. My school is not a fun place to go, except for the crazy friends I really, really love. School now feels like a burden and yes, I've been saying this shit for millions time now but it's true. How I wish I could speak A+ Deutch and transfer myself to DIS.

(this is just a lousy post so my blog is not that weepy. What.)

Friday, February 15, 2013

If he got the address

Today is a very slow day. Well, at least for me. Everything seems to slow itself down and some things just meant to be popped up. Like that actor that kinda looks like you and how my fingers are very itchy to open facebook. To type in your name in the search box. To realise you're already using that 'sucky' timeline layout. To tap in the year 2010. To find the status and the comments. To capture every page. To seek for your best photo. To seek the photo that made me fell for you. To show them to my friends. To retell the stories. To go back in time. To realising that I'm deeply missing you. For realising that I'm deeply missing you. For knowing that I will never, ever go back in the position again.

For someone who had a very slow day, I still think that four years are really quick. Really quick. I'm almost seventeen now and then, I was thirteen. Stupid, foolish, but the most important thing is I was loved. Heavily loved, by an older boy, sensible, simple. Who loved me at my best and my worst. I would never think, in my thirteenth days, that I would be sitting in front of my snazzy computer with fast internet connection, blogging about some leftover feelings that cannot be burned or channeled, being so mellow, fed up about everything and anything, and it's just not funny anymore when you're still stuck in behind when everyone else is starting their new labels. Their new identities. Their new partners. Pfft, I don't even dare for asking one. How can I ask when I still compare a lot. And by a lot, I mean a lot. I complain a lot. I worry a lot. I ask around a lot. The comfortability the safety of staying in love in that the past gave me has efficiently changed to a mutant ball of feelings. It's becoming stronger and smarter everyday and it's definitely torturing. To see you happy is one thing but to see me messy is the other. It's like I want to save myself but I'm not helping me either.

And for someone who thinks that I'm the hero of the story, don't need to be saved, I kinda wondered why it would be like if someone had actually saved me by now.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hai, Supernova

I had a project coming up as a Rinjani Tranggana:p

Cried today. Became so frustrated with myself over not doing well in chem AND messing up with the reaction and thingy. I don't know. I think I've been acting easy and not pushing to my limits enough or I expected too much. Dude. What am I supposed to do at this point.

Celebrated Twins' Birthday (or simply spending time) with my towers and Kakak and Meivy over food and coffee and it feels good to have a good time again. I've been sorting my priorities crazily and... Yeah. I'm wordless, I know.

(made my day)

P.S. Give Lady Danville a listen
P.P.S And Neon Trees' Everybody Talks

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shooting and all that.

In the last two days (including today. Does that count?) I've been shooting as Diva and yeah, it's tiring but thanks to the lovely cameramen... Or women, the shots looked pretty good and I'm lovin' it. Today is my best shooting so far because I get to be the non-slutty Diva. Yay. 

Yesterday I went on youtube and found cool peeps over videos. Beside Stefan Ivanovic, yes. The second I heard San Cisco, I fell in love with the cool beat of garage-pop-ish. And then, I found The Honey Trees. Love 'Orchard' and 'To Be With You'

Glee is starting!

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

21.00 Uhr Samstag Abend

Uh-huh. I got home at 9 p.m last night because I was helping Meivy get ready to Puji's Seventeenth Birthday Party. She wears Hijab now! So proud of her for taking the big leap (and my biggest leap this (so far) is to stop waiting someone, blah) and I'm with her.

I watched Newcastle United v. Chelsea last night and yes, I'm kinda upset that we're losing and that the game was kinda screwed. Demba Ba broke his nose, a lot of blood. That Newcastle United is super fierce on field, and our defense line wasn't that strong. That Howard Webb didn't drew a card, even though there was a lot of blood going on. I think Rafa misplaced Ivan and Cahill, or wrong for not putting Azpi in, or Marin for Bertrand. I know they're lacking strikers but putting Ba and Torres will be deathly, and we need to be. I don't know. I think it's just a bad season for Chelsea, but the least we can do as a fan is to support 'em. And I know I missed having Hazard and Luiz play.

Anyway. A mood booster for the whole year or until another Chelsea babies do another adorable thingy.


&This is the Terry twins! Summer is the coolest.

Don't forget Oyes' kids. Nora and Leo!<3 Cech's boys are cute too anyway.

Friday, February 1, 2013

*insert sarcastic laugh here*

I've been so lazy updating my blog, I know. My bad. I'm so busy wrecking my phone (one big scratch recently, I ought to buy a cute casing, god I can't pick) and scheduling (and rescheduling) my class shooting schedule. I've been studying... not. I got 60% on my math test and IT WASN'T MY FAULT, I PROMISE YOU (you know it is, I'm just so... You know, me). 

I changed my username(s) to sashbrina. It's the (crazy) abbreviation of Sidharta Alfiaputri Sh(a)brina. Lose the a because sashabrina is weird. It sounds like my nickname is 'Sasha' and let's just say my weird name is being civilised better at this point. My name is too diplomatic and serious. Oh my god I'm bragging.

I got my Ivanovic Jersey! Thanks for Ken to buying it for me (my money, his effort). Eternally grateful.

Errrmmm, what. I thought I feel more excited this week than ever. OH! Erin came in to my English class and we played a lot of games and I'm having crazy fun at EF. Not just fun. Crazy fun. This is what you get when your teacher is Erin. I'm also happy for understanding matrix and suku banyak today at my tuition. I know I'm sleepy as hell when listening to the teacher explaining me about how to divide and add and relating to algebra and all stuff, but when you FINALLY understand what he's talking about, man... Heaven is suddenly on earth. 

Anyway. #instadaily (Even I don't use that hashtag in my useless shots lol)

And this badboy picture made it to @jansport_id, WOHOO! Cheers for us, biw!

And just for old time and fun sake, 9 People You Become After A Breakup. Number six, uh-huh.