Monday, December 22, 2014

Whoa... Right?

I can't even start on how empty this blog is.

It's almost 2015, and I kept saying things like, "Udah Ganeshout aja ya..." "Udah pada Outdoor Study aja..." "Bentar lagi UAS... UAS anak kuliah..." to myself when contemplating on how this year went by soooo fast. I didn't even open this blog anymore, even my link buttons are broken --> and I haven't fixed it up a bit.

Let's see. I want to recap what happened with me during 2014:

So... According to my instagram page, I went to a wedding and there was Pembekalan for seniors in high school. That was so fun. I remember doing a lot of qiyamul lail and because of that, I got the best student award thing. I was so proud and a bit confused. I thought I had the worst development during high school because my grades are degrading and I'm not as excited as I was in terms of learning. I was a bit of a trouble during high school, but again, who doesn't? This month is also the month I bought the clip-on fisheye lenses. Hashtag so important.

This is where the stress kicked in, right? RIGHT? I went to another wedding, but this time, it's with my best friends. Geng Optimis ftw. This month is also the month I gave up on Perguruan Tinggi Negeri. I got accepted to the university that I am in now, and let's just say I was so happy, ecstatic, excited, and totally have no clue on what's going to happen next. I also have a fabulous, kickass body at this time. No, really, I fit XXS and I swear to god I'm so pretty skinny.

So. Stressed. For. UN.
(No time for life)

Birthday month! I was excited to turn 18 because it's still 18. I'm not excited to turn 19 now, because at some point, I still introduce myself as a 17 year old girl. Sorry world. This month was the last classmeeting, my first (and last) Malam Bimbingan Taqwa or mabit, voted for the legislative election, chopped my long, tousled, perfect hair down to my shoulders, totally dying on UN (cried 2/3 days, no big deal) and had an amazing birthday by doing a run and brunch afterwards. I guess early this month was also the time that I realized I fell in love with my best friend... :)

This month was very... Relaxed. I literally have nothing to do until September, which is when first class is happening. I was busy cheering for my friends, and preparing for graduation. That means watching Michelle Phan 24/7 and trying a bunch of makeup looks, working out so the dress will fit better... Graduation was on the 28th, I got a bouquet of flower (from Kakak, yay!) and had a lot of fun. 'Us' was official this month, but no one kinda knows.

We told people. It was crazy. His birthday was on this month, so we exchanged gifts (it took him TWO months to give me my birthday gifts. Let's see if next year he'll do better). Although it was late, it was still the sweetest thing I ever received. I never knew he had that in him. It was funny for me, being in a relationship and all, because I was single throughout high school. I kinda forgot how it feels to have someone to share all the things, and to have someone to say all the fuzzy things. At the end, I went to Dufan with some friends, went to Surabaya for a week or two (can't remember) and starting Ramadan in Surabaya.

I got fat. Ramadan didn't affect me AT ALL. The most special buka bersama is a tie between the one with Bharatayudha and the one with me and him and Alif and Diva. I spend Eid Al-Fitr in Semarang with my family. 2014 is the year of travelling.

Oh, August. Things went crazy for a bit. I went to Tanjung Pinang for a long time, preparing things for my Uni there. Briefing day happened, and also Inauguration. We wore the same Alma! 

W-days, P-day, Outbound. Going to Bandung to visit a friend for the first time. First day of class on the 22nd and I sat on the farthest back. I spent a lot of money on my first week...

Nothing special; just a lot lot lot of assignments.

Midterms! But managed to go to Bina Insani Fusion Student Concert, Bali for 4 days, and joining the most FUN part of this year: IYLC 2014. I'm a proud AIESEC-ers. IYLC really opened my mind. AIESEC is a great organization, guys. I know joining in the organization, it is and will be really hard, but if you could, be free and because you only lived once, join several programs that we made like GDCP and GIP. I promise you, what you'll find and feel and experience will exceed your expectation. Went to Jazz Goes to Campus and...

... Marked another first thing to our milestone calendar. I cried. Felt terrible. I can't believe it's already December. I've been dating him for seven months; that's five months to go to our first year. I've been in Uni for three months, and add another month, I will finish one semester. I've done countless assignments, learnt tons of new things I haven't learned in high school, falling in love endlessly with the amazing guy I'm with, having new friends on campus, keeping in touch with my old friends, being involved in my organization, and tons of other things.

A lot has happened to me, and not all are shareable. I want to be more committed to blogging in 2015, but it's so hard to omit the details, but sometimes I don't want to attach the details. I'm learning a lot in 2014, and to be honest, if I could pause time and stay in this year, I totally would. My days are so much better than my previous years. I am so happy in 2014 and you knew who's the reason behind it.

I'm just saying, boys and girls, go out there and find whoever it is that makes you happy. Stick with them. I'm not suggesting that your happiness should be based on others, but having someone to share everything, to talk about everything, to laugh with, to cry with, to be angry with no absolute logical reason with (believe me, he's so strong and nice and amazing for being able to handle my crazy mood swings) that makes you happy 24/7 is kinda great. Wait, no. Not kinda. It's great.