Thursday, November 24, 2011

This Kid is Pure Awesomeness

I'm still waiting for a day for a break. I'm going to miss Brightspot Market. Please don't remind me of how fun it could turned out.

Yet, I'm still loving my life.Chapter one should be done soon before Finals strikes.

Yes, still loving my life.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Start of Something New

I've realized one that keep showing up on my blog is not my local; Funny.

Anyway, I joined the school photography club and it's been going on for about... two week or so. I know I've been a student of high school for approx 5 months but the club is just recently activated because we just found the photographer that would like to share their mojos.

This week is Aperture Week.

Picture coming soon.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Separating Cs

One of my new things I tried is joining Karya Ilmiah Remaja or Student Scientific Work. This organization (or productive activity) is not that crowded and there's only... Idk, 10 between us? I'm very welcomed and what I love about the activity is that all of my friends are there (MaulAmelRia, and Ochi, also Sasa) and the advisor is my favourite teacher, Ibu Hikmah of Physics. They just had their experiment on qualitative check of Sugar productivity in photosynthesis, and when I joined, they decided to find another theme. With efforts, we picked Quantitative research on vitamin C that contained in beverages that claimed of having vitamin C in their product, like Vitamin Water and Pulpy Orange. I'm so excited and (actually) had some methods from my research. Too bad I forgot to print it (And Ibu Hikmah was not here today) so... Maybe next week. Btw KIR has a blog too but I forget the URL-_-

This week has been very abusive to me, as I had two exams this day (One, I ace and the other not so much) but as always I used cardio as my getaway. I've done hip hop class so far and planning to go on body combat tomorrow. I'm loving my life (now).

I'm going to watch Disney Live on the 20th, and have chem remedial on Saturday. Hopefully photography starts on 10 am so I could join.

Excited much. 

From the video of The One That Got Away

Monday, November 7, 2011


Because school had the day off!!! HEARTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS


Favorite look of the day is none other than the lace dress:) Adios!

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's been a while, I guess?

I've been busied by Midterms and Drama Musical for my class, but nonetheless I still should update more. About the result of my midterms... I'm quite satisfied. Well, I think I could do much more but I'm happy with my position now. I'm in the #4 out of #20 with scores....

1. Agama Islam 90/75
2. Civics 97/93
3. Bahasa 92/95
4. English 84/98
5. Math 94/99
6. Physics 92/92
7. Biology 94/89
8. Chem 85/64
9. History 90/87
10. Geography 93/96
11. Economy 94/93
12. Sociology 86/84
13. Seni Budaya 80/-
14. P.E. -/85
15. ICT 87/60
16. Arabic 85/88
17. Sundanese 84/76
18. Environment Study 98/87
19. Al Quran 90/95
*first score is the daily achievements, second is midterms.

Yup, I earn two remedials. The passing grade in SMA Bina Insani is 75, which is not quite high for me (compared to spensa who has 80+ on every subject, yeah) but I still is sorry for myself, that I could do so much more. And the psycho-test I took resulted great, that I should enter jurusan IPA and that my best field for my future is Kedokteran, Kedokteran Gigi, Farmasi, MIPA, Manajemen Rumah Sakit. I supposed I'm born in the world of medicine? Hahahahaha.

I attended two fashion event lately; first Nikicio's: Mixte Le Printemps private fashion show. I got the invite from @NYLON_IND for answering their question: Give us the reason why you deserve the tickets. My answer are quite simple, because I'm young, I love fashion, and I would love to explore more and gain experience. The collections are absolutely amazing and I bought myself their sheer skirt. The second event is the Nylon Fashion&Art Festival, and I watch Esprit's, Bershka's, Stradivarius' and Marks and Spencer's. Picture coming out soon!

And... That's all