Friday, June 29, 2012

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Hello! Happy Friday! Soooo I'm going to let you know that I'm still alive (and full, and happy, and excited to the moon /and back/) and still in Surabaya until this Sunday. I have a plan with Nadja tomorrow and my cousin Althaf (who recently got accepted in SMP Negeri 1 Surabaya, bravo kiddo!) is coming tomorrow. Yay for gaining allies on defeating the babies. 

Did I tell you that my Oma is not here? Basically, everything sucks without Oma. Food I've experienced (the home cook ones) that used to be so friggin delish is no longer... Good. The kids are crappy without Oma too, and they kept playing with me which is nice but sooooo sucky when you're not in the mood or just want to chill, replying people's text or messenger to you.

God, the amount of mosquito in this place. Hell-many.

Plus, my baby cousins are the most busiest people ever, I swear to god. I know I used to be like them, having so many classes and sessions on improving yourself. Right now the boys (Seven and six) have piano lessons, drawing sessions, bible study, kumon (both english and math) and their school is a catholic school that has rules and regulations and obligations as much as the ants in the world. I know I exaggerate but still, it's so many and so friggin long. The youngest bit, Anya, she's three, she just started kumon and want to start Ballet too just like me. Ugh, I kept thinking my practice days. So heavy and harsh, hahahahaha. I used to be busy too, though. During my baby moment. I had drawing sessions and  english course, I studied up to four hours per day and I read one book a day. I went to the mosque to study Quran and studied traditional dance for... Three years.

But it paid up till now, though. I'm more focused and determined, and I might have skills that other can't. I still need to improve my skills though, I'm getting friendly with my guitar now after I left him for  months and I'm starting to swim now. I ran several miles per week and I know it seems so short but I'm improving. At this point, nothing is regretful and everything counts.

P.S. These kids dedication on bible study is amazing, I'm touched.

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