Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm up and running

So after a while of redesigning the blog and the header and the colour and my link buttons, I think that's it! We're up and running. I did everything on polyvore, so, bravo polyvore! Even though I had troubles looking for the skittles and the twizzler. I wanted to add a bottle of stoli and a mint leaf on my 'Site's Queen' button, but I had to clip the pic first and everything, so... Yes, I'm lazy.

I did a 'red' blog because of my love for red lips (and my red lipstick, Make Up Forever Moulin Rouge, best buy, I tell you!) and 90% of my successful make up photoshoot include this smacking colour of awesomeness. My favourite nail polish is also red, O.P.I's Big Apple Red. I used it often and it became another signature. 

A little happiness:

This is my 9D class doodle, made by me! Note that the 9D Alif is different with X4 Alif, but 9D Maul and Brina are the same with X4 Maul and Brina.

This is the X4 class doodle, made by the ever talented Mawla. It's weird, shrinking amount from thirty two to twenty one (minus two, sigh). 

I had another dream about you, and this time is creepier! I guess it's the projection of things I don't want to imagine and I don't want to swallow. 

Song of the moment: She's Got You High by Mumm-ra.
He's got you high and you don't even know yet......

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  1. Oh, How I miss you... Friend.:"