Sunday, June 24, 2012

A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.

So I'm here to talk about perfumes! I know I'm only sixteen now but I value so much about personal scent. I know my mom is training me to be less lavish than I used to be (college training, I'm going to live off country and living thin on smart, detailed money management), but I can't resist on buying perfumes. I spend most of my money on this... Magical potions.

My first ever perfume is J.Lo Glow. I know it's so awkward to use some celebrity perfume but I was so young back then (Ten,  I was ten) and I loved the smell. It's kind of powderish, like baby powder smell and it's not too old for my using, back then when I was ten-thirteen. I liked it and use it until now every now and then, but I gave my last bottle to Rina to let her finish it off:p It last for approximately five hours on me, so I had to re-apply during mid-day and night if I have to go out.

During my happy years, edge of thirteen to fourteen, I use The Body Shop's Cherry Blossom. It was an easy option because it's available and near, so I could reach it every time the bottle's out. I grew in to a brand member loyal itself, because everything was The Body Shop back then. The shower gel, the body scrub. Except for shampoos because I have a very low tolerance on detergent, and I tend to lose so much hair if I didn't put on some baby shampoo on. Sucks to be me, I know. Anyway, though the scent doesn't really capture my personality, as it aged on my skin, the smell got even better and became me-ish. It didn't last so long for me, I had to reapply them every three hours. It smells heavy for me, too heavy during fresh appliance. I have to let it simmer for a while, and that was the reason I let it go. 

During my 9th year to my start of 10th year, I used Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers' Love. I know, tacky choice of celebrity perfume because now, I think myself as an idiot for using celebrity scent. They're rich enough and truthfully, I'm not that obsessed with either Gwen or Jennifer. They're not exactly... My muse, plus Kate Moss' perfume is so hard to find here. It doesn't really change, the smell. It's overpowering me, to be quite honest. It's totally not me, it's a bit fruity and flowery, but there's too much effort for my taste. I still got a half bottle and I have no idea how to finish it. 

I used Marks and Spencer's Florentyna for a while, probably two months. Another overpowering scent. It lasted a lifetime, though. You put it on now, it'll last until ten hours long. The smell does change but still reflecting the same floral-alcoholy smell. It smells old lady-ish, too. I don't know why I get it in the first place. Oh wait, the three for two deal!

What I'm using now is Marc Jacobs' Daisy. I love it! It's versatile and it's beautiful. I love the bottle and I love Marc Jacobs. It only lasted a few hours though, but I love the smell on me. It's not too intoxicating and it's not overpowering me. It's fresh and feminine, but comfy. I planned to switch to ck be for everyday use, continuing my mother's love for Calvin Klein fragrance during her youth. She gnawed on ck one, but she said my personality would be even more defined by the ck be, not the ck one. Her perfume now is Lancome's Tresor. Old Mommy's perfume, I know.

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  1. I really love the scent of J.Lo Glow. Love the design of the bottle too. :)


    1. I know, it's comforting, isn't it?:) Thanks for reading, btw!