Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Body Jam 61, babes!

(I want to be the future and the past, Hebrew)

Because in this long, highly-anticipated holiday, I got nothing to do, I went to the gym more often First, to lose more weight and second, to have fun. The endorphins are getting in to me, I'm telling you. So at Monday, I joined the Peloton class (It's indoor cycling, on a steady bike:p) and Hatha Yoga class. I'm sooo tired yesterday, I finished my chicken and beef porridge at Ta Wan so quick, hahahaha. I lost two pounds so far and I hope I'd be losing so much more. But I think that's an understatement because I'll be going home this weekend (Surabaya, yay!) and the city is overpopulated with good food. Nope, GREAT food. And I'll be staying in my Oma's house, even though Oma is away on Alaska. Last minute trips suck, don't you think.

Today I went to the gym at 5p.m. There's this Body Jam 61 launching that I'm really looking forward to. Because of the new schedule of EF, I've been running and doing weights only. I haven't been in class for like, a month or so. And truthfully, I miss the heart throbbing routine of Body Jam. I arrived at 5.30p.m.-ish and run on the treadmill for like, 8 minutes.

I said this before and I'm going to say it again; I prefer Body Jam 60. The movement is soooooo much effortless and flowing for me, plus the 60th track list kicks ass. The 61st Track list got some Rihanna and Tiesto. My favourite move? The Ninja thingy! And the body wave. I'm always good with the wave and anything involving my lower abdomen. The shoulder and the slide move is good too, and I'm /really/ looking forward to my next class. I have to say, though, that I feel like in a hip club dancing the night out every time I join Body Jam class, which I will never do, so, bravo Les Mills for creating the euphoria in the dance class! :))

This is the track list. My favourite is Work Hard, Play Hard.

Now Playing or... Song of the Moment:▸ Endah N Rhesa - Waiting.
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