Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vitamin C and Fenylethylamine

(from polyvore)

Happy Saturday Morning! So (unlike the usual routine) I'm already in Starbucks and planned to blog before Hilmi's here and there's a chance that Zizi is not even coming at all. So, I'm still hyped of the love/not thingy and now I just found out that I would rather dream zombies chasing me, than the picture of /you/ and me being happily ever after together. I recently just found out that I only have dreams of you when I am sleeping in my room, and I have nightmares when I'm sleeping with my mom in her room. You know my preference.

It's just that... It's too much? It's too twisty and sick and yes, it feels so good with you around but the nausea... Nope.

Anyway I've been dieting and eating less and working out more. I'm way thinner when I'm happy (and in love) and I'm way healthier than ever. I'm currently 4 kg away from my normal weight and how could a girl be more satisfied? 

Precious, precious lesson: Learnt.

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