Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bury me?

I’ll bend in your breeze, I’ll swim in your hurricane, I’ll dance in your rain.
Tyler Knott's haiku. He's amazing. I really like his twist of words and the fact that he's a poet, a writer, and a photographer; things I will never be doing for a career in the future.

I'm still on my free-time break, I'll start studying at two-thirty, maybe. Knowing that my grandmas came visit the house shocks me. Ugh, studying will never be the same with them. They're always "go make me this" "go clean up this mess" "chop this" "change the blablabla" "take my blablabla in blablabla" "sign in to my email and reply my email from Mr. Schnickelfritz" and I will never study. If I flunked my test and mom got her grill up on me, I'd say that I've been slaved by the two evil grandmas. Seriously, everybody thinks that they're all nice and great and do amazing stuff but no, they're not. Growing up with a way that everything must be logical (except love and anger, because there's nothing logical about them. They just happened) and reasonable, I think they're a walking illogical creatures that made up things to drive my head nuts. Luckily I've eaten and bathed and locked myself in my room.

I scrolled past tumblr the other day and I found a quote. Well, my life basically revolved around quotes and poems and haikus and girls with tattoos inked to their malicious, irresistible bodies. I dig typography, I have a folder full of 900-ish them, and each represent me in a unique and considerate moments. Like when I had a fight with a recent friend, or a boyfriend (now; ex), or I just had a stupid moment somewhere and it ruined my day but stumbling a quote saying 'no one and nothing can ruin your day' and I'm shining as the sun. Yet, it could be a drop of alcohol on an open wound. Like 'Of course I miss you, it's all I do' or 'There are some people in this world that you can just love and love and love no matter what'. You know, a person pops in your mind. A certain person. A special one, or a really hated one. Well, the quote I stumbled upon was this;

Yeah. A certain someone pops in mind. It's impossible, though. He don't even know I have feelings for him. I guess, I should re-title this as, 'Bury me, someday?' Lol.

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