Sunday, June 24, 2012


This month's NYLON is covering a fun activity, and it's called card-to-post. Basically, there's this website that provides names and addresses of people all over the world (Not yet, but, hopefully they develop as an internationally-known idea) or for now, the country plus bits and cracks of local people that lived outside the Indonesia border. I've signed up myself (Shabrina Alfiaputri Sidharta, of course) and put up a simple bio. For the cardtopost-er that reads this, I speak amazing Indonesian! So, no worries:)

So... The address that I downloaded pretty much local, I guess I was playing it safe. But I look forward to choosing more random and faraway people!

Btw, the label #cardtopost starts now!:) Going to buy cartons and pens and stickers today!

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