Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Class Meeting ends! Ciat!

So... Under conscious I've taken... nearly two thousand photos and I'm so dizzy looking at it now. Ugh, it happens. Going to spend a lot of time in the weekend sorting them out and uploading it to facebook. And I have to upload the graduation photos, too. It's not the exhaustion during the event but the laziness that follows, ya? :)) Anyway I'm sure I'm going to have a sucky sucky holiday because I'm not going anywhere but homeeee and Bogor and working my butt off in order to get even more skinnier. I've lost 5 kgs so far and I still want to lose more! Now I know why I'm such a skinny girl during year 8; losing weight is addicting. And I supposed to be all nervous and stuff because it's the decision time whether I'm a science kid or a social kid. I really have no clue what so ever, because my heart is in social but my brain is in science. I strive for physics and learning chemistry a bit better than I did this year. I like social subjects because it's less tiring but who wants to be not tired? Call me psycho but I love the desperate feeling of wanting to sleep more, and the pleasant butterflies when you finished a really hard thing, or completing a set of insane homeworks that I won't be using in the future because I'm applying to business school. And for sure, I'm really upset that this academic year is ending. I know I have a line up list of reasons why I hate this year so much but a thousand other reason is making me admit that this year is kinda fun too. It's memorable at some point, I met some fabulous friends (gengless, kak fadia, nuf said) and freak geniuses. I joined OSIS, take a lot of pictures, drank so much fruit tea during recess, made more friends, joined EF, quitting ballet. A lot of thing going through my mind, capturing old memories and stupid conversation that I've had. 

And no, I don't want this /academic/ year to end. Forever tenth grade:))

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