Thursday, June 7, 2012

Been there, done that.

So apparently today is the day; the day you're all anxious when you finally have the envelope on your hands and carefully opened it, hoping for the words you've been expecting for... days, months, years, name it. Some of you even dreamt of that place since you're six. 

Or... You can open the official site and command+f your name (or your registered number, this year) to fuck all of the mess with the paper and the envelope.

For those of you who have the highlighted numbers/names/whatever they put up there, congratulations. Your future awaits you, and you should tattoo your mind that you /are/ lucky to be there, being highlighted and everything. Don't waste your seconds, embrace them. I know I'm the one who pissed off, seeing parts of you saying, "I gave up, I think remedial is waiting for me" or "Fuck this thing, I'm going to cheat!"

For those of you who don't, hey, the world didn't fall apart!

Here's the thing, okay, maybe you think you're good enough for the deal, maybe you think you can handle the pressure. You do. You can. Not there, maybe, but in other school that provides better things for your needs. Each of you is special and yes, it may take time realising it. Ms. Monroe said that, 'good things fall apart so better things can fall together' and what does it take to make you believe that particular sentence? It is true, I can tell you. At first, it's the most bitter thing ever. You just can't take down the fact and break down and cry. But that's the first, and with first comes second. Don't let your second be the same, it's a mainstream world and you should be the hipsters. Make a change. I know I haven't enjoy going in to my school now, but I do love the new friends I'm getting. 

Oh, friends. All of my bffs are not in the same school as me. Name; Jeje, Meivy. But I discovered another great friend here in my current school. Name; kak Fadia, Amel, Abiw. They're too precious to be missed. It's hard at first, with all of the different things that happening in the same pace and the same moment, and you can tell how exciting it will be there, and how it would be more comforting with the digits of people you know, the people with a very best friend of yours. It sucks at first, but as the time goes by, you'd be closer as it can gets. When I left for my current school, I didn't know I'd be going to a gym with Meivy who kicks ass at weight lifting or still having a blast, saying nothing and studying crap at Starbucks with Jeje, or visit Ardio just to sit around with a physics book, figuring out how much energy it takes to heat up a kilo of water. 

m x c x delta T, I know:)

You may feel like you've lost the grasp of your world, but you're not. It's still there. You may feel like you press delete on your entire future plans, but there's still the trash. You may feel like you've disappoint bits and pieces of your world, but there's still a second change.

If they have a future waiting for them, you have a future /and/ an adventure to grasp along with. And I know you'd survive. It's in our blood, SMPN 1 Bogor alumnus! It's in our blood.

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