Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sparks and Remembrance

They said the past is a good place to visit, but never a good place to stay.

Quote denied.

Here's the thing, ok. I've moved on and that D in my varsity jacket meant for my ever lovely, Darren Criss. I think the reason I made such fuss about it is that I missed being together with a person so awesome, you just have to clicked right away. Of course, I have Jeje and Meivy and Gengless and kak Fad, but what I'm looking is not in that particular anatomy, if you catch my drift. Like, it's been, two years but I haven't met someone that awesome, that ecstatic and exciting in my life.

That particular reason brings me to my denial. I haven't spent a non-quality time with a quality person for years, I travel back and lived in my past. Sitting and reliving my old world that used to be so amazing, picture perfect, that every moment has its own polaroid, ready to be clipped in a string of gold thread that ran around the paint room we have, just like in the movies. No, it's like in the movies, but so much better. It's the lovely times you spent daydreaming and making it a reality, while now, all I did is daydreaming and cursing why it won't happen anymore. It's not the person that I miss the most, it's the bond and the warmth in the bottom of your heart, and the fingers that refuse to let go.

There might be someone out there that's going to snapped me out of this... Surreal imagination. But I doubt he knows what to do.

Yes. There might be someone. I'm just too stupid to realise and revive the feelings.

Wait. Am I too stupid, or it's just that I don't want to? Snap.

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