Friday, June 8, 2012

To study the hopes and dreams.

The language that everybody fluently speak, is the language of hopes and dreams.

I don't know why but my gut said that it's grammatically wrong. I might have Zizi telling me that he will need to deploy his grammar nazi troops because mine's a fuck-up. Well, nothing is wrong when you're learning.

So I got this post inspiration from the drive I had to the school. For two days in a row, I've taken cabs (NYC talking of me, cabs) to school because my uncle isn't there to drive and my mom had an early meeting (5/7) and her cough is getting worse (5/8). I wasn't up to thinking since my eyes are glued to my blackberry and my ears are plugged with continuing tunes of Northern Downpour in repeat. Yes, Northern Downpour. Anyway, it's actually a continuation of yesterday post.

Hope and dreams; hmm, how would you define them? One of my hobby is looking up words I don't know in the built in dictionary in my laptop and check out the Thesaurus tab too, but I won't be this time. Hope and dreams are the things you should be describing effortlessly and it should be dreamy too.

Hope is the happy smile on your face, dreams are being with you forever.
Hope is something we reach for, dreams are the thing we live for.
Hope is the car and dreams are the destination.
Hope is the drive while dreams are the goal.

And inevitably, hope and dreams are the most common thing in this world, ever. Even the depressed dream of death and the numb hope nothingness. And from what I've experienced; read; consumed in a fantastic daily dosage, it's the thing that brings us together. Not love because it could hate. Not peace, because war is still going on somewhere in this tiny globe of ours. Not desperation because despair ends at some points. It's hope and dreams. There's one spectacle though; failure. But I believe if we join hands in this part, and got each other back, our hope and dreams will take the pain away and put some fire (or coal, for long lasting effect:p) to relit that cornered hope and dreams. Hope and dreams are a language, hope and dreams are the thing that connect one to another and make sparks and fireworks in our chest, believing that there is still a way, and there's always a way. 

I have a hope, and dreams. Of course. I'm a unstoppable dreamer.
One of mine is New York City, cooking chocolate cake from scratch, having a full wavy effortless hair, eating non alcoholic (switch the bourbon to soda) mint julep popsicle on a hot summer day, have a summer love, getting married in Central Park during autumn, graduating from the Singapore Management University, to adopt a beautiful hispanic little girl, and a gazillion thing running through my mind.

One another thing; if you want to reach your hope and dreams, you have to have a sane head, a big, gigantic heart, striving passion and drive, and a will to really catch it in your hands. That, plus a little ribbon of faith.

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