Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Two Best Man

So today, Zizi (btw, I got a new nickname for him. ZQ.) told me not to get home so soon, Hilmi too. He didn't say the reason but I'm pretty sure what was it. He dragged Kafie down and did a little intervention about the thing that's been a problem (well, at least for me!) between us. I'm really glad that it's over right now because it's been a distraction for me. I'm not really surprised though, if we have any fights and thingy-s. We three pretty much stubborn and starve for perfection. But Hilmi's fast, Zizi's a tad slow, and me? I usually do it fast but I'm a bit sloppy and clumsy. And we have our 'things', like, I said thingy and yawny-yawny and Zizi's and stuff, Hilmi's indian accent. I considered the three of us working, is my definition of dream team. We fill our heads with the same or similar stuff, and we could work like miracle workers. But we have to tolerate (and if we don't, say it loud) each other in order to achieve the golden goal. Plus, both are considered as older brothers for me, so, you know who's miserable if you're in a quarrel or having an awkward moment and stuff. 

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