Sunday, July 15, 2012

H&R: Dear John

The problem with time, I've learned, whether it's those first two weeks I got to spend with you, or the final two months I got to spend with Tim, eventually time always runs out. I have no idea where you are out there in the world, John. But I understand that I lost the right to know there things long ago. No matter how many years go by, I know one thing to be as true as ever was - I'll see you soon then.
 I love both, you know. Both movie and novel. I can tell you that it's different though, very different. You should see (or read) it to yourself but here's a piece of my mind: Do you like a fantasy happy ending, or relatable yet it's a heart breaking ending?

That's what I like about reading and watching Dear John. The endings are different and I get to choose which I want to cry to in the end. As for Nicholas Sparks books, I always skip the ending. It's way too overrated. I skipped Dear John, I skipped The Notebook, I skipped True Believer. I know I had to know about it somewhere, reading it online or hearing a friend talking about it. But as for me, when the pages getting thin and I'm screwed just by holding the book with one hand without making it flip over and close, I closed the book. The end. All I know is they're still miserable, or they're still in love, or they're in the middle on something I don't know. This is such a bad habit to do as doing something and left them unfinished could spread out to another things like... Not finishing a meal or leaving a mess after the photoshoots I always have hehehe. But I know one thing about Nicholas Sparks' novel. It's always a bit unrealistic at some point, but you know you find so much mutuality in the characters and the decisions or the action they're having. It's like, Oh! This thing is practically impossible to be in a real life, this is such a fiction! and during your initial eye switch on the next page, you'll go O!M!G! I know the feeling, it's starting to feel real! thingies. The movies too. You can go smiling, making up scenarios in your head, going I can do that with him! and How sweet of John to do so, I wish I have someone to make me feel like Savannah but you'll cry and dwell on your pillow once the good scenes are over. It's such a roller coaster to experience. I know I'm not a very... Fond of roller coasters (especially if they're made out of woods, ouch!) and all the surprising, scary acts on movies and ghost houses and everything, but I'd take the emotional roller coaster I got while reading books. So far I only got emotional roller coasters when I'm reading a book. Hmm...

P.S. I hope I didn't grow up like Savannah, I mean... She loves someone but had to marry the other? I planned to marry young now, somewhere around twenty four to twenty six, but still have a career and university going on. I'm a sucker for my one and only marriage. And don't forget the two boys, woot!

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