Friday, July 20, 2012

Day One

Hello! Yes I scheduled this post. I forgot to post the post yesterday so here it goes (And I'm going to act as if I'm writing this post on 7/20 when it's actually 7/21, noon.)

I stayed at home all day long, except the two hours out to EF. The collage was completely bogus, just to narrate you through my mood during the day. I was... Swoon-y. I know I'm completely exaggerating and yes, I'm a bit freaked out. No one close to me was fasting today, except Jeje but in the morning she told me she got her period. Happy Birthday, bitch. All I did was watching the new dvds Mom just bought me. It has Bones and Criminal Minds and yes, I'm in marathon with Criminal Minds. I finished season six just yesterday and starting seven today. I know it's CREEPY. Super creepy because Criminal Minds is a fifty minutes footage of psychopaths and sociopaths and kooky guys with weapons hunting people, and sometimes the victim's condition is not pretty at all for the cockiness of a TV show. BUT. There's always going to be a but for me. Spencer Reid is waaay too awesome. Like, he's every dream guy of every sane girl out there. Geeky, polite, kickass genius, good looking, extremely fascinating, and by the look of his appearance I can suggest that he smells really good. And he got like, the cutest smile and though his brows are not as thick as I like it... He passed. He majored in psychology too, so that's something.

I didn't drink much liquids today and I should probably do that more often. I feel like feeling super dehydrated tomorrow. You know what, forget it.

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