Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Disappointed? Feeling stupid? Alienated? Weird? No, dude, EVERYTHING.

That's just a weird title isn't it? Hahahahahaha. I just want to tell you why I changed the site's title to Schizophe-brina and a little story about my new username, @brinasummer.

Schizophrenia... Known as a dodo-head, lunatic disease, is something I put zero interest in. I know it's weird, using something with zero enthusiasm as a title. But schizophrenia literally means to split one's mind. Schizo is to split, phren is mind. So, schizophe-brina literally means to split my mind, into things I can't in the real life. I wrote about my hopes and dreams here, and my daily life, and my fictions. Superficial fictions. And my crap. In my mind, the blog is splitting my reality into blocks of posts and for me, a deluded non-believer... It helps me separate my things.

And @brinasummer! No, I feel perfectly fine, not hot as summer. Do you watched (500) Days of Summer? I know, a mainstream movie. But seriously, the movie is packed with words of wisdom and I kinda want to see the world like Summer did. Love is a fantasy, relationships are messy and people got hurt. But in the end, she got the happy ending and Tom's the one who's messy all over again. Sure, he met Autumn, but still! He was dead miserable. The movie is realistic, that's what happen in real life. People got you disappointed, sad, gloomy and all fucked up. I like the fuzzy feeling I had post watching the movie. And after the long, hard, destructive rain, it will somehow stop and the sun will shine so bright and here comes the happily ever after!

Gotta hit the bed! Tomorrow is a SUPER early day:D


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