Sunday, July 22, 2012

Three's a charm.

(We put the order under Kamal's name: Juragan Kamal! :B)


(l-r: Kamal, Bos Dika, Hilmi, Kak Fadia, Me, Alif)

Ramadan: day three! So I've been looking forward to this day, like, since forever. No of course not, I'm just exaggerating hehehe. Kak Fadia planned the gathering since she got in to Undip. It was kind of... A farewell dinner since Kak Fadia is going away to Semarang and Bos Dika to Germany for college. It's a little crew of us lol 

Btw, the twist is that I didn't know Alif was coming. The seniors keep it on purpose! I came first to Domino's to book the seats and suddenly I saw Alif coming through the door. It was something like this:

B: Alif?Kamu ngapain disini?
A: Eh brin. Yang lainnya kemana?
B: Hah?
A: Buka bareng Fadia kan?

And my face just went "Dafuq?" all the time until Hilmi and Kamal arrived. Turns out they knew that Alif was coming and I'm the one who didn't know. Sigh, seniors >.< But today was so fun! We laughed our heart out and it was therapeutic for me hehehehe mostly we laugh because our personal stories and anecdotes that we kept retelling and sharing. I don't know, I don't have any words to describe today. It was priceless. Today was perfect!

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