Saturday, July 28, 2012

Too cold/too hot?

Hello, still not over the Batman hype hehehehe. I want to watch it once again today but turns out someone is running late so we watched Ice Age instead. I wanted to watch Streetdance 2 tonight for midnight but I think I'm going to cancel because mom is sick and I just think two movies in a row is a bit extreme for me (who's happily smiling and not in a weeping mode at all). Me+the boys went for the photobox and I'm pretty glad that I'm the prettiest head:p We, no, I'm sorry, I went scouting for books to be filmed next semester and met Icha in the bookstore. After minutes of doing nothing and emptiness, we got in to the studio and watch the movie. I think it was okay, compared to the uber-coolness of The Dark Knight Rises. Today was fine but Mom topped it off with Homemade Soto Padang and Bapak&I chatted about the economy, again. It's becoming a habit and I always wanted to give him ideas on his current projects (On making sustainable energy source by maximising the coal that will eventually run out in, like, fifty years) and new concept for the new company. I think I'm stuck in business school because working in Bapak's company sounds so good and yes, I will enjoy it. Not to mention that he allowed me using sheer flowery skirts and velvet pump shoes with neon nail polish and black lined eyes at work hehehehe. I think I'm going to succeed Bapak's plan to get me in school on time so I'd be getting my Doctoral in the age of twenty five. Ten years to go. Ten.

NO SERIOUSLY. What ever happened to the I-want-something-like-that-with-someone-like-you??!!

I will. I promise!

New addition to the infamously random CD collection:

Thank you Zizi:3

P.S. Thinking of getting something matched for Eid Al-Fitr with Meivy, I should look for fabrics ASAP.

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