Thursday, July 19, 2012

Embracing Ramadan

Hello! I'm fasting tomorrow with (this I'm sure) a bunch of people in Arab and some in Indonesia. I thought my family choose to be fasting on Saturday but turns out we picked Friday! It's so weird being an anomaly because me and my family always been following the government orders. 

I think Ramadan is a special time of the year where I just stop and reminiscing for a while. This includes praying more and reading the Quran way more hahahaha. I think Ramadan is a point where I just take back and relax, watching the time winds for a month and came up with a bucket list of what to do and not to do for the next Hegira year. I love Ramadan, but I don't think it's worth celebrating. It's a dark month for me, because most of my major changes happened in Ramadan. Cliche I know, but... Yeah. 

I think I'm going to blog daily for Ramadan so, here comes the #Ramadan label!❃☺

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