Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hello! Ramadan day two! I stayed at the hotel in my PJs until noon, and I went home. I actually planned to watch a movie today but  thanks to my forever lazy ass, I cancelled them. I just have to watch The Dark Knight Rises within a week or... God. I want to see my babe Anne Hathaway in a catsuit so bad! (And mutter about it after, setting up crazy, unreachable diet programme. Uh-huh) I had poached teriyaki salmon and veggies today plus some fries for break fasting. Real food, unlike yesterday. And back in the hotel, I ordered some fried rice because I'm staarving. I was in the middle of my crazy photoshoot when mom came in and decided that I won't be up for sahur tomorrow, so I have to go to the boring hotel again. Yada. I want to watch a sappy movie but turns out I'm in the mood for Letters to Juliet instead. Hm. Weird. 

(One of my shots. I think I'll continue tomorrow...)

Crack of the day: BMW Goreng. BMW Cabai Hijau. BMW Kremes.
Galau of the day: I'll never discuss this, not in a million years, but either you're heartless or obviously oblivious. Maybe I'll come up with something... Ten years from now.

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