Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You can't save a damsel if she loves her distress.

This afternoon = PERFECT. During my drive in the bus (accompanied by a friend of mine, Dian:p), the weather showed perfection as the sun is shyly setting to the horizon and leaving a very cool atmosphere on earth. The coolest. I never feel that happy about a rainy, cloudy setting before because I always hate a cloudy setting (more if it's extra sunny). My favourite time is actually from 8 am-9.30 am because the sun is warm but the morning breeze hasn't left. Plus I hate rains, but I kinda love the baby rain that kept coming, greeting my door steps every afternoon:B

I watched The Amazing Spiderman too, today. Get shocked as you may, but this is my first Spiderman movie. No, I didn't watch the Kirsten Dunst version. I remembered my first marvel movie was The Dark Knight. Yep, I'm a dork in superheroes movie but an absolute junkie on Rom-com, stupid, and reckless ballads of love. What I really love is Emma Stone's brown leather, up-to-the-knee high boots, and her fabulous locks. I wanted to ask Daddy for a curling iron on my sixteenth birthday but it turned out that he's not in the city and it's been... Like, three months after my birthday so there shouldn't be a reason out there to ask for a birthday gift-_- Oh, and I screamed a couple times (or more? Duh) in the movie because... 1) I hate lizards. 2) It's friggin cold and I didn't put a layer of socks. 3) It supposed to be a surprising moment. And guess what, the siren couldn't help it. Yes, I'm a lousy screamer when it comes to action scenes but yes, I stood still on gun scenes. This is why one of my favourite action films is Jolie's Salt because it's all gun:D One thing though, the Professor looked like Nicolas Cage ALOT and Andrew Garfield? Priceless. Man, you look so good, you made my day. I almost sit next to a spoiler and finished my popcorn before the movie even started. Nice.

Hmm I bought a new blackberry battery, and it's in initial charging now.

I already miss my blackberry so much, naw.

Holiday is running out and I haven't done any school shopping (nor pay my annual additional tuition). It's driving me nuts and to be quite honest, I'm not really happy with the situation of my Mom working 300000/7 and leaving me behind recklessly for some lame business reasons. Noted though, that in the future I will put everything aside when it comes to my future child. I hope I didn't grow into a full time workaholic too (Finally! A reason to put on a bit of laziness here and there) and pay up responsibilities to the wrong people, in a wrong way. Ugh, I hope this... Distress doesn't put me on some weird I-don't-want-to-be-a-mom syndrome like the marriage one, because I really *do* want to be a mom. Having a mini me around would be so much fun.

And my skin is still burnt, and it will always be like that because I went to a deserted school with certain people that don't get how my mind works. Blah.

Tired me, blah.

For me? It's a dream come true to have someone and do this simple sweet fuzzy things:p

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