Friday, December 28, 2012

When in doubt, BLOG!

Hello it's my second day in Pare and I think I'm still tired from the bus trip. Seriously. It's the most tiring condition I've ever been and lucky for y'all who have proper transportation to your destination anywhere. Can't imagine living as a young british woman with petticoats and high heels, roaming down the forest with a basket full of goods in hand. The beauty of living in the two thousands. Because jeans and backpacks are such a blessing. 

Anyway, the place we had as our rooms are not bad. We sleep on the floor, foam beds and sappy sad pillows. That's kinda ok though, because I brought a sleeping bag, yay. Thank you Mom for being overprotective as ever and encouraged me to bring the sleeping bag. Plus, it's my first time here and I'm already masuk angin. I know for sure that the English term is not 'enter wind' but the thing sticks. Now I'm the enter wind girl. The food is great and there's always chilli. I don't really like eating chilli (especially because I'm sick) but I feel like sharing the news. The bathroom's better than I expect it will be. I just wished I'm getting better soon so I don't have to limit myself to things. Plus I'm the only girl who doesn't ride a bike, because I can't!!! Hahahahahaha it's too sad being me, actually.

Anyway I'm reading this Thought Catalog post and somehow thinking, Man, either we're too old for resolutions or we're too sober to make one so I'm skipping my useless resolution crap and cut to the chase instead; finding ways to make the year better. #21 is a keeper for me, unfortunately.

Wish me health! I'm so sick of being sick!

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