Sunday, December 16, 2012

What I had been doing in the weekends


1. Went to the gym with Meivy (!!!) in the morning and burn 200+ calories on the frikkin scary machines. Afterwards I did a little weightlifting and sit-ups then went to the steam. I felt so refreshed and super healthy, even though I'm still a litttlllleeeee bit overweight to my goal. After the frikkin work out I took my glasses from the optician (YAAAAYYYY! I'm no longer blind anymore. I'm such a retard without my glasses, I read Dreamworks-->Disneyland) and grab a mini bite. 

2. In the evening, I went to German class and took the book test. I got 87:| And that's because I didn't read the questions and the narrations thoroughly. I'm so bummed.

3. At night, my mom took my to this new place in Sentul (yay Sentul for being cool) called Ah Poong. It's basically Eat&Eat, like the one in Gandaria City BUT they specialised in Indonesian food only, or, at least, the Indonesian and the outer circle of Indonesia. I had Chicken Hainanese Rice thingy because I was lazy to look around and seek funky food.


1. Woke up a bit late, did some housework and went to Ah Poong again, this time with my cousin. We took pictures!

2. Watching Corinthians vs. Chelsea game now. #KTBBFH!!!

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