Tuesday, December 18, 2012


... by the sun! The extreme weather of Kota Bogor, not to mention the lack of cover in our schoolfield burnt my skin to the darkest shade of me. I think I might give everything a rest and just stay at home protecting my skin from the UVs so Oscar, I know what you feel. I know what you feel (Even Torres and Eden Hazard didn't pull that knee socks up that high and skip the gloves). My latest hobby has been nothing but seeking for Branislav Ivanovic pictures in tumblr and everything. I have to admit, between he and John Terry, he's still the hottest. JT is not the one on stills, but always looked amazing on the screen. I miss having him in the games.

AND YES, I WAS ON FIRE TODAY. With the tarik tambang conflicts and several gossips running around that just, ew-god-I-wanna-barf, it's just easier to channel every drop of anger to pulling the frikkin rope and just tear my epidermis layer on my palms. Lucky we got in to the semifinals and will fight over XI IPA-1 along with futsal. Being the only eleven graders is nerve-racking I don't know. Oh, I'm so excited for OSIS having this 'Warung Osis Keliling' thingy because I just think it's brilliant. Should charge for photos though, Lucky was having his day with being captured. 

(currently obsessed with Cults' Never Heal Myself. They are amazing everyone should give a listen) 

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