Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Modern Media --- Opportunity or Downfall.

(This is an EF assignment for our loveliest Hayley Sheldon. MARK US GOOD!!!)

(Plus I'm writing this with John Mayer's Battle Studies as a background soundtrack so excuse the vulnerability)

For most of the time, modern media has been helpful to all mankind all over the world; not for me. I think modern media is a waste of energy and resource. Of course, it's a good version of waste, but sometimes I just think it's not worth it.

I'm a girl, and though this is a bit biased or anything, I always like to share some intimacy with people I cared about and with modern media, in goes all of my needs and desperation (see, vulnerability) to see what they're doing and what they're up to. Everything is as quick as a snap and a check in a breeze. You can reach a person by buzzing their chat window or calling their Skype ID. It's great, really. I've been using the technology for once in a while but I just wish it was a bit, I don't know, old.

My mom, spending her youth in the 80s (Praise to all people who had lived in the 80s, praise to all), told me that she had to wait for a letter from her (old) boyfriend who served for the Navy. For most of the time, the letter came once a week but if the condition's tough, she only got it once a month, maybe less. You see, what might came off as a suffering could be felt as a non-suffering, as I put myself in my mom's shoes... It doesn't feel really bad at all. Pacing down the living room and peeking through the window if the postman's there, the huge anticipation of having a stranger delivering you happiness if it's there or when it's not, it's hope he delivers. The instance of being IMed doesn't need hope, it needs faster internet. I don't know, I just think that having everything so quick and easy, people just lost their state of well-being. I bet if there's a research (I bet there's one but I didn't really bother to look it up) on how the snappy present of smart phones and electronic mails and digital images posted on line really affects people... Boy, how big the rate's gonna be. Not to mention, people hardly read books now. Facebook rather than face a book? Uh-huh.

On the other hand, I can't lie. Modern media and all things that revolved around it do make the world a better place to live in. Being a chicken (and a coward), I cleaned up almost 70% of my mess online, or by the help of modern media. I must say that my relationship with modern media has been a love/hate one. I can't came up with a better solution than just live with it. Balance your modernity with something that's rather old fashioned (I keep thinking a fancy New Yorker carrying an iPhone 5 and The New York Times on both hands) and enjoy the rest of the day.

In the end, It's a love and hate relationship I'm having with modern media and all things that revolved around it. It's beneficial and sickening at the same time. What really matters though, is I'm still having the same wish of living in the 50-60-70-80s era where the only modernity you can get is a vintage, mint-coloured, annoying-when-it-rings telephones and a pair of pants worn by women across the world. That, or an b/w movies of Audrey Hepburn being the daughter of chauffeur who went to Paris to learn culinary. Hey, don't judge, I was named after the movie!

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