Saturday, January 5, 2013


I had the most wonderful time in Pare and I missed every single bit of it every single day. It's amazing. I rode a bike succesfully, rode a dragon (the train type, of course), laughed so hard I cried, watched a horror movie, (masih) dunia lain in sequence, watched Chelsea win (v Everton. Missed v QPR), ate great things from my childhood, being infatuated, missing someone, missing everyone, spent a great deal of time in the beach until I burnt my skin, trying something new, doing absurd things, the bus ride, best-friending the 'it' insect tomcat, and loads of other things. I'm just so happy I get to share this experience with everyone on board, especially Icha-Ega-Fani-Apis-Amel-Sasa-Maul for all those crazy times in our room!♥

Photo of the trip:

And a gift for home!

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