Friday, December 7, 2012

Frei for Freitag.

So today, the eleventh graders (and the twelves) are free from the finals! Not the remedial, but at least we can spend the night sleeping or watched the tv instead of playing it for our background study sound.

After being so sick of the finals, me and Abiw and Amel decided to go to watched movies. Our first pick was The Rise Of The Guardians because we love animations. BUT something happened and we turned out watching Stolen. It was cool. I cried. Hard. Because seeing Nicolas Cage do things for his daughter when his daughter have 'abandonment issues'. Overall, the movie was agreeable. And relatable. The fun part was the unstoppable talking we had and it was good. We blurt out each other emotions AND I bought this book with 'Butiran Debu' on the title. It's supposed to be funny. It's still is.

Crappy photo from crappy camera.

Anyway I'm tired and I think I'm hitting the sheets early. Today supposed to be fun but due to that 'something', it's no longer fun. In fact, it (kinda) sucked in some way but truly. The talk we had is pricele$$ you can't put a tag on it.

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