Friday, March 30, 2012


I have to admit, even though I am raised in a wonderful, pure beauty of Javanese Culture, I'm built over the foundation of Gossip Girl, and Gilmore Girls, and Burger King, and 'My Sweet Sixteen' in MTV, so I'm all about 'Sixteen is the time of my life'. Clashing with Indonesian culture who pray over turning seventeen, I'd rather be sixteen and have my fab sixteenth birthday party.

So I have already pick my invitees and the theme (black and white!), the dress code, the pattern of the invitation, the place, the food, my outfit. But it hasn't come out as a reality because I haven't design and contact them all-______- I just got a patisserie who handles macaron towers because I want a macaron tower as my birthday cake. I'm holding my birthday party in the Teppanyaki restaurant in Bogor, and the room only fit about 15 person or so, and it's perfect! The dress code is black, after a research that not that many people have whites, and I'll be wearing sequins and stilletos because Mom said when I'm sixteen, I can wear almost anything I could (I guess velvets and sheer shirts are never acceptable for mom, sigh). I've been searching for inspirational pictures, I wish my plan went perfecttt, just like the guest list:)

I want it to be salted caramel/pistachio only though... But I'll keep an open mind!

The pattern for the invitation. I know Damask is too mainstream, but I love this pattern from first sight!<3

Teppanyaki for feast!

Sequins stuff!!!

and a pair of Arabian eye.


  1. Your birthday must be awesome! Wish you a happy birthday and hope all your dreams come true! Xoxo

    1. Thank you anon! Wishing you a great life ahead of you as well:)