Thursday, March 1, 2012

A great leader is someone who is against bullying

So my school has assign me and a bunch of others on a competition from Kota Bogor which collects student's dreams on the perfect leader according to us. For me, a great leader, is someone who stands up on bullying.

What I want to highlight here, because we're a handful of student, is violence who destroy our mental; commonly known as bullying. I am very captious and very noisy. Not just captious, but very much. I literally talk a lot in a really fast pace. And what people don't often know that I am aware of my condition and I chose to be one. Because if I go really really quiet, you won't even heard of me. I am me because I am highly talkative.

And my talkativeness may have been offend my classmates. They started shouting, and responding on my sayings in a bad way. It's like my words are a gallon of petrol and they started to throw fire on me. It's a simple action-reaction attitude, but to be quite honest, it hurts. I feel low, stupid, rejected. I feel like I don't want to go to school anymore. It's just a perfect amount of wrath and wounds and tears and annoyed in one second. And you won't feel it if you never treated that way. That, is what frustrates me. Every single word is like tattooed in my brain, and in another ten years, on a high school reunion, they will be nothing but a really bad person who made my high school time a mess for quite some times. I remembered the words, the tone, the sarcastic glimpse of the light in their eyes that just look so devilish and mean. For me, this leads to; crying, bad mood, zero effort to study, zero passion to listen to the teacher, zero drive to talk with friends. Even for a bit, I felt like they're destroying my future.

The thing about verbal bullying is, the simplest thing hurts. The sentence "You're fat" could make me lost my appetite for days. The respond on my silly sayings could make me feel so stupid, I won't react on many things I'm sensitive in. A mean joke you throw on me, could make me think of it for weeks, thinking What did I do wrong? What are my faults?, growing a very insecure feelings inside of me and destroying bits of pieces of me one by one. This happens under consciousness, sometimes unintentionally. But still, it's a) hurts, b) annoying, c) tiring. I'm saying this stuff when people say, I'm the toughest one, because of all I've been through.

So a great leader, for me, is a person who can develop a nature free of bullying. Not just verbal, but mental and actions too, because I believe there are many cases alike or even more worse than mine. A great leader would conduct a world free of stupid insecurity and boost up people confidence. A great leader would react fast, destroying useless mean drive, and divert it to a more positive way. There's a thing with criticize and speaking, and there's mean. A great leader would demonstrate a better way of communication so bullying is not a choice or even an option to make another person aware of the disturbing situation. A great leader is someone positive to look up to. A great leader would make the world a better place to live in, without subtracting the greatness of it.


  1. Jangan dimasukin ke hati :))
    Gua kls 10 jg kyk gt, diledek fisik kek apa kek.
    Even every single thing I did back then always seemed wrong for them.
    but then I realized that I shouldn't take it personally.
    & apa yg gua lakukan spy nggak terlalu dihina adalah dengan 'diam'.
    Karena diam itu emas, bukan?

  2. Mi kok aku baru liat komen ini sih.-.

    Yeah I know, I try to 'silent' them and ignore their existence but sometimes it's just pure annoying. Urgh. Boys.