Friday, March 2, 2012

Moving Out

For this last three months, I have been moving and packing my things slowly to the house we rent to store our things, because of the renovation we want to do for the house. Tomorrow and Sunday is the cherry on top because we literally have to move out of our old home by the end of February (which is days we've all passed, so we're a bit behind schedule). Another cherry I have, is that my mom will not be there tomorrow. So I'm moving all of my things in my room plus the electronic devices we had (the TV, the stereo, the antennae) to the new home we rent for living. I have to be there by one o'clock to manage everything in the new home and supervise everything going out of the old house, into the new house, so none will fell out or lost in the way. This is what freaks me out. I have planned this day from Monday with my mother. At the early morning I will take place on the placement test EF held, at about 9.00 am-ish, and went to school afterwards to help my friend edit her short film for English assignment task. After editing the movie, I have to complete a bunch of new stuff needed in the new home (cleaning products, room fresheners, new rags, lamp, mats) and go straight to home. The logic is, I will be there at two pm and hammering the wall on my room to hang my mirror, my photos, my paintings, and my magical lamps, because I'm such a perfectionist like that. To be quite honest, I hate for people to help me move out my stuff, touching them, and in sometimes, the chance of they ruining my stuff is a very fat one.

Because I'm such a confusioni, I see things deeper than the usual. My old home, is left out because it needs a reconstruction. The roofs start leaking, the plumbing got trouble, my room's ceiling is not a piece anymore. Because of the damage, I have to move out in a new shelter first, protecting myself from the damage and wait for the moment when the old one has been finish constructing and made a brand new place for me to live in, with so many changes I believe, and brand new everything, as my mother's decision to basically tear down the house and re-build it again. I have to move my stuff out, leaving the memories I've made to be destroyed and renewed. I believe, so is relationship status.

If your relationship is somehow leaking, or having problems, you have to resolve it out as soon as possible. But when the problem is too many and happened in the same pace and time, plus you won't and don't have time to sort it out; you have to move. I'm not saying that if your relationship is old (like my home) you have to leave. But if you're having many problems at once, with zero effort to try saving it, the only safe way is to leave. Because only stupids and sillies who stay in the same condition, feeling the same heartbreaks, crying the same tears, just because the reason is 'love'. Love is understanding, passionate, and caring. Love did not break hearts, people is. 

After you leave, you'll pack up the things you will need in another home to keep you alive, and throw the rest of it, or donate it to charities, or whatever. At this stage, you are like picking up pieces of you and trying to keep it all together, and getting rid of the unnecessarily things. For me, this is the hardest, because you don't want to throw away one thing because it's so precious, yet you want to get it out of your life because the thing is quite useless in the future. If you can't divide what's needed and what's wanted, you'll spend forever in this stage, thinking and picking what is right and wrong, when all you have to do is just jump in. Next is leaving in the new home, or... Finding a rebound. Truthfully, having a rebound is one of the advantages because you'll have no time to care about the old relationship (that is tearing down by now, emptying its lot) and you're busy with your new 'home'. By the time this stage ended, you'll come back so strong without reminiscing the past and ready in your old place, but with a new building to explore. You'll get started moving in the things you need to keep you alive (again), and enjoy your new live, with a new building (slash boyfriend, if you catch my drift) and much more things to explore.

Don't you think we'll all come back in our human nature? Taking baby steps and trying, and at last, we'll enjoy life? There are so many to be picked from life, if only you'd observe, or you'd notice.

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