Sunday, March 25, 2012


I personally think that Liam Payne is kinda cute. See, he got eyebrows<3;p

So I just arrived Mom's office, and surfing the net like a boss. I'm smelling like shampoo and bubble gum. I want to have my nails done but I'm so lazy to go to the salon. I want to share my hunting session (and yesterday's meeting pictures) today in Lapangan Sempur. I found a cute guy tho! A skater with fit posture and thick eyebrowsss nyahahahahahahahaha<3<3<3<3

 Maul and Kasinnnnn<3

 Queens of Galau

kak Ajeng, st00pmi and Zizi. 

Inti and Pak Alam's hipster sweater. 

 Baby Abiwski, found her here

Zizi and Api ganteng<3

Maul&Rina's face, I can't help:))

st00pmi is touching bunnies!!! Bunnies<3

Roller Blader Girl! 

So sunny!! Forever burnt.

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