Sunday, March 4, 2012

New home!

Hello! All address with my name on it should be diverted into the number 100. The rest is just the same. I got a room in the front, with a big window on it. I've decorated a wall with my instax shots and my name tag during OSIS programs, e.g. LDK and Classmeeting, plus a deco sticker of Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame. I've also hanged my dresses and frocks, turns out I have A LOT. Now that I've realized the fact, I have to donate some to charity (or in that case, the garage sale because I want OSBI to gain more money every single day, yay!). The last thing to do is buy more glow in the dark kits, and hammer some nails to hang up my hanged stuff, as in, my family picture, my bag hanger, another shelf for my books. I put in some new sheets for my bed and air fresheners in the bathroom, but I guess I'll stay up tonight. I'm so sensitive about places.

There aren't many things happening to me, just that I am accepted to EF and the course will take place at EF Yasmin. I am in the same level as Zizi and Hilmi too and we took the same schedule Mon/Wed/Fri at 6pm. I think at Mon/Wed, I could go straight to EF, but at Friday, think I'll head to the gym first muehehehe. So from April (when the classes started), my gym schedule is moved to Tue/Thu/Fri. I just hoped my crush is there at the moment too, lol! *finger crossed* (Tho rumors said that he already has a girlfriend, hm)


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