Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jeje!

So I think it has been..... 4 years we've been best friend? We've been through ALOT as friends and so much more are bests. Our clique may come and go... But we two always find a way to each other and enjoy ourselves with pizza and coffee:p I have no hope and expectations for our relationship (We sounded more and more like lesbian every single day) because both led to disappointments, but endless years to our friendship will so much better.

My friendship with Jeje started when... I don't know when! Oh I remember! It was SBI orientation week and I have no seat and I ended up sitting with her. So cliche. Because we don't have any facebooks or twitter, we exchange email for friendster. I remember it was something with sorrydorymorystrawberry or whatever, I kinda forget now because it was FRIGGIN long. We ended up being chairmates for year seven, and got separated for... I don't know, a term or so? Because the reason I already forgot too-____- Year seven was good with her, like, We got to be the administrator of our class friendster, we took loads of pictures... Pictures I don't want to talk about. We went to Kidzania together, and watched lots of movies together. Even our dating/breakups cycle synched! Except for high school because we both got philophobic together and we've been single. We've separated from our daily life in class since year eight, and separated school since high school. Our plan ahead is go to the States together in the name of AFS, and lived beautiful years ahead of us.

We got too much alikeness (and too much differences). I think that's what makes a friendship the best. Filling in the differences with alikeness, because if you're doing other but that, when things change... Your friendship will change too.

Ahahahaha I've stalked a lot of things, finding the juvenile pictures we had. 

Year nine! <3 Graduating junior high school and starting sixteen together.

I bid you the most wonderful times ahead... Times that includes me! :D

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