Saturday, March 17, 2012

Progressing, and sharing.

So my post about 'bullying' and B-Next Generation is progressing now; My team 'GEMA' made it to the second stage of the whole competition and I'm so excited for that. I feel like the doors are opening and letting me in to explore new things.

Speaking about exploring new things, I watched the movie 'Negeri 5 Menara' and I fell in love with Ustad Salman. His way of speaking, and teaching reminded me so much of my Agama teacher in SMPN 1 Bogor, Pak Rizal Dalil. Seeing him on the big screen made me realise how much I've missed him and his quirky way of teaching us the beauty of Islam. Ustad Salman capture the perfect harmony about sharing and dedication of a teacher, which brought me here to tell you about one of my personal dream, being a teacher.

For me, teacher is one of the best occupation in life. Without one, this world will be blind. The logic is, we have pioneers and inventors and smart people because a) they are one of the teacher or b) they are taught by a teacher. We cannot have doctor if the teachers are always absent in class; we cannot have lawyer and professors without the knowledge their teacher gave them. And my dream has always been teaching English in somewhere isolated with no cellphone reception, but with beautiful view and willing kids to explore and train their senses to realise the beauty of the earth, the greatness of science, and all of the things god gave us, embracing them to a different level and again, making the world a better place to live in.

Maybe you wonder, why I want to teach English? Is it because, English is all I got? Or that I'm lazy to learn new things?

I chose English because now, everything better is delivered in English. Books aren't the window of the world now, English is. Being the number one language, this will gave so many advantages to conquer the earth and things living in it, and just thinking of turning a life of a passionate isolated kids, that's one hell of a dream to realise, right?

To be quite honest, I just want the future to be brighter, more fun, more adaptable for kids, less violence, and be better... With a simple, personal contribution of mine.

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